Zhonghuan Zhongbao low-level selling price 22,000 put on sale

The Central Business Building has a high value. The Zhongbao Group building has nearly ten thousand units. It is now sold at RMB 22,000 per unit.

Over 900,000 floors with an intentional price of 200 million

Huang Hao, director of Midea Commercial Sales, said that the owner has exclusively authorized the sale of the B, C and D1 rooms on the lower floors of China Insurance Group Building, No. 141 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong. The total area of the property is approximately 9,067 square feet. The intention price is 200 million yuan, about 22,000 yuan per square foot.

Hwang continued to point out that the property can enjoy part of the sea view and city view, with all the office decoration, which is convenient for users to buy, use, and invest.

In addition, the property is a rare large area source in the region and is suitable for the headquarters of the Group. The new purchaser can also rent out the unit after the purchase in order to increase the rental income. If the market value is 45 yuan, the new buyer is expected to Buyers will enjoy a rental return of more than 2.4%.

In terms of transactions, Yang Chaocheng, a senior investor, had previously sold RMB 87.8 million to the 15th to 18th rooms on the 8th floor of the China Insurance Group Building. The holding price was less than 1 year, and the transaction price rose by more than 20%.