This season, 18 new discs rushed for 8700 gangs

Although the market expects Hong Kong to have the opportunity to follow the United States to raise interest rates, the demand in the property market in Hong Kong is still strong. The developers have not slowed down the pace of push. According to the statistics of this newspaper, there are opportunities to sell in the second quarter of this year (that is, from April to June). As many as 18 new discs and 8,960 gangs were involved, among which there were 11 new gangs involving 5,004 gangs in the New Territories. The number of people in the group accounted for nearly 60% of the total number of units and continued to be the main battlefield for the new disc. The most eye-catching “playing” will be K. Wah (0173) Kaohsiung, Pak Shek Kok, Tai Po, has the opportunity to face up with Yunhui in the same district of SHKP (0016).

There were 18 new deals to be sold in this quarter, providing a total of about 8,700 gangs, of which the New Territories is still a major supply town. Vanke Property is the first wholly-owned residential development in Hong Kong and is located in the upper source of the Tuen Mun Watt, providing 1154 is the largest new market in the New Territories; Vanke earlier noticed that although Shangyuan is still waiting for pre-sale, it will try to sell it as soon as possible in April. The project will focus on one or two housing households. 350 square trip.

Vanke Shangyuan 1154 team ready to go

However, Tai Po Pak Shek Kok has the opportunity to become the most important battlefield. Following the launch of the cloud sea in Ma On Shan, SHKP plans to introduce 2 New Territories plates in this quarter. Apart from Tuen Mun, the Mid-Levels has been approved for sale, and will be short-ranged (522 teams). The same department will provide 804 units of Baishijiao Yunhui and will also be on stage. More than 50% of the units in the project are two-room or lower units. As for the main rival in the same district, Jiaxi, which had previously carried out soft sales, has a total number of 1,122 units. It is the largest scale new development in Ka Wah in recent years. It also focuses on small and medium sized units, and nearly seven units have become two-room or lower units.

FLEUR PAVILIA Hong Kong Island Focus this year

As regards Hong Kong Island, which has always been the first-tier property prices, the three major new platforms that will be launched this quarter will involve 726 gangs, including 611 from FLEUR PAVILIA, Jiyuan Street, North Point, New World (0017). This is Hong Kong Island’s largest new set this year. It is the largest new set of Hong Kong Island after 650 new arrivals in Shau Kei Wan. The FLEUR PAVILIA is an old deed, with 3 rooms and 4 rooms.

Southern District also has 8 to 12 Deepwater Bay Drive, Nan Fung, and 90 Repulse Bay Road in Chang Shih (1113). There is expected to be an outbreak of luxury home battles; 90 Repulse Bay Road is expected to be a long-lived mansion this year. It is estimated that the short-term upload of the building book. For Tseung Kwan O, which has recently opened a number of new discs for sale, the 6th issue of Lohas Lohas Park opened by Nan Fung, which also has the opportunity to open for sale in the second quarter with 2392 members.

Lin Yiming’s fine-priced property “more and more fine"

Factors such as the Sino-U.S. trade war have added uncertainties to the outlook. Senior analyst Lin Yiming believes that uncertainties have actually occurred for the past 20 years, but they have not had a major impact on home buyers unless there are major negative factors such as the recurrence of financial crisis. The tsunami, or a substantial increase in interest rate by 2% to 3%, will not cause major changes in the market conditions in the second quarter. The next few years will be the peak period of the new market. It is expected that the fine price building will become “more refined and more expensive”. As for the first-hand sales in the first quarter of this year, a total of approximately 3,855 transactions were recorded, which was approximately 3,563 cases recorded in the fourth quarter of last year, which rose by more than 8% quarter-to-quarter; but compared with approximately 5,411 recorded in the first quarter of last year, the turnover was approximately 29% lower year-on-year. .