Property prices continue to increase

Looking back at the property market in the first quarter of this year, the increase in property prices is indeed remarkable. According to the “United States Property Price Index”, the first quarter has so far increased by about 5.01%, and continues to record high, which is the highest increase in property prices since the first quarter of 2015. The first season. This time the uptrend was driven by the new drive. This year’s new performance for the entire first quarter was still strong. Although in January there was no more than one thousand new large-scale sales, single-handed sales rose by nearly 30% from December last year. In March, there was a new large-scale new disk of Tseung Kwan O, which immediately awakened the purchasing power of the market. The red disk opened higher, and the demand for supply was also increased. The new market is hot, with second-hand property prices rising.

Under the high property prices, people are having difficulties in buying their homes. Some people are even more desperate. In order to understand the law of Hong Kong people on home ownership, Midland Property previously referred specifically to the mortgage loan of the Meridian Network. It conducted an opinion survey on the prospects of Hong Kong people’s home purchase in the form of an online questionnaire and successfully recovered 1586 questionnaires.

The survey found that Hong Kong people who believe that property prices have increased have an increasing trend. Up to 80% of respondents expect that property prices will continue to rise this year, with the proportion being 10% higher than the similar survey announced in October last year. In addition, the survey also showed that the atmosphere of “parents buying flats” continued. Over 37% of respondents who did not own property stated that they would need their parents or their families to provide some or even all of the first-phase funds in the future. The ratio was in February last year. The similar surveys released by the survey show that property prices are high and Hong Kong people need to seek assistance in buying their own homes. Recently, some people have proposed new proposals such as the introduction of vacant taxes and the increase of stamp duty for overseas residents. Although this has caused discussion for a time, there are no further research proposals. The survey results showed that the largest number of respondents hoped that the government would continue to increase the supply of public and private housing, accounting for 30% of the total number of respondents. The 4 million yuan ceiling for supporting the increase in 90% mortgage insurance and the number of first home purchase loans were similar. 23%, the newly proposed increase in the stamp duty on overseas purchasers and the introduction of vacant taxes is only about 12%. This shows that the public are more inclined to provide direct benefits to the government and help them to step up to the property ladder.