Jiansheng Village 4 Million Premier Tuen Mun Public Housing

The price of private residential property soared and buyers turned to public and HOS flats. The prices of public housing units in Tuen Mun also rushed to “Four Balls”. The low-level households in Jianshen Village, Tuen Mun, were released for three months and sold in the free market at a price of RMB 4 million. The property price was increased by over 84 in just two years. %, even if the original owner deducted 10% additional stamp duty, the book still earned more than 1.4 million.

The number of low-rise households in Jiansheng Village rose by over 84% in the short period of two years.

Two-year appreciation of 84% deduction

Cheung Wah Estate, Wong Man Lok, said that it had just sold 13 rooms at the lower floor of Lesheng Building, Jiansheng Village, which was sold at a record price, and had a saleable area of ​​441 square feet. The transaction price was 9,070 yuan. The above-mentioned purchases were made by the original owner for $2.168 million over a period of sixteen years. The appreciation of only $1.832 million or more than 84% has been achieved in only two years. However, since the units have not gone through the hot period, they have to pay a 10% additional stamp duty amounting to a total of $400,000. Still earning 1,432,000 yuan.

Tsing Yi Village “multi-press" 2.08 million yen

In Tsing Yi District, transactions were recorded for mini public housing units. According to market sources, the middle floor of Yiyi Building, Tsing Yi Village, has a saleable area of ​​164 square feet and was sold at a free market price of 2.08 million yuan, with a practical price of 12,683 yuan. It is understood that the original owner has purchased at least one unit of four years so far, at least three loan records, the total amount of loans of about 500,000 yuan.

HOS flats also recorded high prices. Meilian Liang Wenfeng stated that the high-rise building, Block A, of Qinghongyuan, Tsing Yi, has 3 floors with a saleable area of ​​506 square feet and was resold at a second market price of 5.48 million yuan. The real estate price was 10,830 yuan. It is reported that the original owner purchased the site for 1.306 million yuan in the year of 2001, and the book value of the owner for the seventeen years earned about 4.17 million yuan.

挟 New Po Kong Kai Tak Development Advantages Housing development of the Home Ownership Centre Kai Tak Garden has recently been recorded. Fu Shing Real Estate Lin Borong said that a high-rise room G in the housing estate is a two-bedroom, two-bedroom space with a saleable area of ​​495 square feet. Recently, the land price was changed to 6.8 million yuan, and the actual price was 13,737 yuan. The original owner was purchased in 1999 when the purchase price was 1.56 million yuan.