63 Pokfulam the fastest hair of the book

Jiuqiang (00034) Pokfulam 63 Pokfulam, the fastest tomorrow to upload the book, open the week to the public visit, and before the end of this week to upload the price list.

Jiujian marketing and sales general manager Yang Congyong said that the fastest weekend before the offer, pricing reference with the Department of more than the mountain high-level units. And then open three demonstration units to the media to visit, including a 494 square feet 3 bedroom units, as well as a pair of 1 and a half flats, and plans to open before the weekend six demonstration units to the public visit.

AVA 61

In addition, the senior investors Luhua’s AVA 61, recorded two cases, respectively, for the 3rd floor and 10 floor, Room B, the transaction price of 2.954 million and 348.6 million, respectively, to 5% deposit calculation, two Buyers were lost about 150,000 and 17 million. Henderson (00012) North District Golf. Royal Court also buyers tart large, for the 7th floor, 9th floor E room, the transaction price of 6.559 million yuan, the loss of about 66 million buyers buyers deposit.

Wan Chai Yi Jia and then sell a group

Yesterday, the first-hand market turnover is more sporadic, Shangjia’s Wan Chai A Jia yesterday to sell a group, for the 21st floor, A room, the price of 12,474,000 yuan price, 29,700 yuan per square foot, the project tired of 13 groups; Jian Hao real estate Kai Tak Yesterday to sell four groups.