Central Central Plaza to enjoy the geographical advantages, open landscape, there are small units to provide, suitable for different enterprises.

Highly high near the Soho District Lan Kwai Fong

Central commercial core area, mainly concentrated in the Queen’s Road, Des Voeux Road area, and the central square is located in Wyndham Street, No. 60, belonging to the Mid-Levels Central, slightly away from the core business district. Traffic, by the Central MTR station Queen’s Road along the Wyndham Street to the building, take more than 10 minutes, coupled with higher terrain, walking slightly inconvenient, but fortunately there is still more traffic options. Catering facilities, the building is located in Soho District and Lan Kwai Fong area, the characteristics of many restaurants, choose plenty. It is worth mentioning that the building opposite the Hollywood Road, former police station buildings, close to the completion of activation, the future after the opening of the environment is more ideal.

Central Square was completed in 2001, only about 16 years of age, regardless of the external walls, lifts lobby and other supporting is still very new. The building is another special place, is across the two sections, including Arbino Road and Wyndham Street two exports, Yunxian Street entrance to the elevator to reach the elevator lobby, next to the building is also a handrail elevator connection, lots feel comfortable. As for the building with about 6 passenger lifts, in order to ease the flow of people.

Each layer 12,000 feet can be 5 units

The 33-storey building consists of office buildings, shops and car parks. The Grade A office space is 25 floors and provides 27 million square feet of office space. Each floor covers an area of ​​more than 12,000 square feet and can be divided into 5 units. Almost 933 square feet to more than 10,000 square feet, is the same number of commercial buildings to provide small units, for SMEs is the ideal choice. In terms of shops, the tenants of the building include the famous restaurant Dragon-i, which ranges from 1,300 square feet to 5,700 square feet. The other six for the parking lot, providing about 72 private car parking spaces.

The biggest advantage of the project is the landscape, as located in the Mid-Levels, the units can enjoy the scenery, including looking at the Mid-levels landscape, part of the unit to enjoy the Yang Wei Hong Kong landscape. Users, the tenants and more for the securities and fund companies, the more well-known enterprises, including Melco Crown Entertainment, the other building also attract semi-retail businesses, such as Pure Yoga Yoga Center.

Looking at the information, the building is now held by the letter and the Group and South China (China), still has a floor, rent, the current average rent of about 55 yuan, slightly lower than the same district commercial buildings.