House mortgage mortgage 6053 cases of 13 years high

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A total of 6,053 cases were recorded in the first half of the year. The first half of the year was the highest in the same period. There were 51,800 cases registered in the first half of the year.

727 last month by 53%

Meridian mortgage, said the number of mortgage loans in June 727 cases, up by 53%, a total of 6,053 cases in the first half, up 70% over the same period last year, the first half of 2004 after the highest period of 13 years.

In June, there were 10,709 mortgage cases, 23% more than in May and 51,817 cases in the first half of the year, up by 6% over the same period last year. Meridian Marketing Director Liu Yuan Yuan said that Hong Kong banks did not raise interest rates immediately, the second half continued to have a new stage debut, the property market is not bullish factors, expected next month and the existing floor of the property mortgage continued to rise.

Bank of the market, the Central Plains mortgage that HSBC Bank in the first half of the cumulative uncompleted flats and real estate mortgage registration were 1,545 and 11,720, the market share of 31.4% and 24%, temporarily for the bank mortgage market accounted for the first.

Second hand soft second half of the mortgage material minus

Central Plains mortgage manager Wang Meifeng that the end of May a number of large banks announced the increase in H rate, some small and medium-sized banks did not follow, or affect some customers to the mortgage bank choice, material market share or change, Trading softened, it is estimated that the second half of the mortgage registration or reduction.