Estate agency expansion of 37,800 people licensed high

The accelerated pace of expansion of estate agents led to an increase in the number of licensees and the number of branches, of which the number of licensed persons reached 37,814, a record high. Even the small and medium-sized agents also joined the ranks of the expansion, which Century 21 Qi Feng invested 5 million yuan stake in six blessing.

On a monthly increase of 410 or about 1.1%

As at 30 June, the Estate Agents Authority (S & P) and the Estate Agents (E) rose at a rate of 37,814, an increase of 410% on a monthly basis, an increase of about 1.1% 2015 month December 37,568 people high, a record high.

In the same period, real estate agency licenses were 3,445, up from 34,114 in May, that is, 34 new agents registered in the past 1 month, and the branch license rose from 6,575 in May to 6,613 in June, A total of 38 new month, in recent months, the fastest time to expand the real estate agent.

Acting line of profit hi grab shop grab people

Centaline Real Estate Asia Pacific Vice President and President of Housing Chen Yongjie confirmed that just over a monthly rent of more than 600,000 yuan, rent the first city of Sha Tin Shopping Mall shop 85,86, an area of ​​about 1,000 square feet, more than 50% of the old rent.

Data show that the first half of a number of large real estate agency commission income record high, such as Midland Realty (01200) and the United Trade and Industry (00459) recently issued a profit, while the Central Plains real estate in March commissions revenue exceeded 550 million yuan. A number of large agents actively grab shop to grab people, which Lijia Ge individual district last month launched a new reward program, the front line of successful referrals to join a different amount of bonuses.

Driven by the positive expansion of the big line, even the small and medium-sized agents also joined the ranks of the expansion, such as rooted in Sha Tin District for many years, 21 Qi Feng, recently implemented more than 5 million yuan investment, shares of a small agent Fanling. There are about 10 years in the district and about 20 people in the district. After the completion of the acquisition, it will be officially renamed Century 21, and will increase the number of branches in the past. It is a small and medium-sized agent. The largest acquisition.

Century 21 Qifeng property chairman and chief executive officer Li Junming said that the success of the property agent and Fanling District, six business trip to reach an agreement, in its private name shares six Fuk line, six Fuk line will be officially renamed the century 21 Qi Feng property consultant line At the same time to retain the original team to continue to operate the operation, hoping to the current Fanling District elite team, together with the century 21 Qifeng strong logistical support, make full use of resources, so that “strong combination” to cooperate to further expand the powder Ridge area of ​​business development.

He pointed out that with the further development of economic and trade development between Hong Kong and the Mainland, coupled with the opening of the Liantang Port, the prospect of the New Territories in the northeastern New Territories, especially the Fanling District, in line with the increase in the population in the district and the demand for the residential market will be greatly enhanced. For the next step in the direction of development, and actively looking for the same business philosophy partner development.