West Mid-Levels Park rents 160,000 return 1.7%

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A number of new flats have been occupied by a number of new flats in the Western Midlands. The rental market is in the middle of Hong Kong, with a usable area of 2,758 sq ft and a monthly lease of $ 160,000. Owners last year to more than 110 million yuan to buy units, the rent return of only 1.7%.

In the same district, there were eight casinos in the market, with a rent of about 70 yuan, one of which was over 40 floors. The usable area was 1,702 square feet and rented at a monthly rent of RMB 125,000. Lease 73 yuan, the owner last year to about 74.7 million yuan to buy, the rent return of about 2%.

Dunhao High Floor Rent 82

Second, the same area Dunhao high C room, the practical area of 1,325 square feet, just to 108,000 yuan leased out of the rent as high as 82 yuan. Owners bought about $ 42.43 million last year with a rent return of more than 3%.

On the other hand, the senior business director of the United States property, Chen Tianci said that the Shanghai Street AVA 62 just occupation, a high-level B room, the practical area of 206 square feet, is an open interval, with the same area tenant rental, the monthly rent of 13,000 Yuan, foot rent 63 yuan.