Li Bao full-story intention to sell nearly 400 million

Central area of ​​Xiamen by the holding, cash Zhong Li Bao Center is full of full-floor sale, intention price of nearly 400 million yuan.

First Pacific Davis Investment and Sales Senior Director Wen Wuchong pointed out that the Golden Bell Lizhong Center, a 5 floor full floor is sold, the intention price of 399 million, the building area of ​​about 10,500 square feet, the average price of about 38,000 yuan, he Means that the layer is the only full property of the property, which is very rare.

3125 feet in the middle of the square to sell about 32,000

Since the United States Lee Road parking lot of land transactions, the Central commercial owners to sell the property in reverse price, while Lippo Center recently slightly faster, such as Lippo Center, a middle 02 rooms, an area of ​​about 3,125 square feet, about 100 million yuan turnover , The price of about 32,000 yuan, the unit is about 46 yuan, the rate of return is only 1.7%. The original owners in 2015, to 56.64 million yuan to purchase units in the Murray Road parking lot when the tender to 30,000 yuan per foot on sale, and the land to achieve the ideal results, the owners increase the price to 32,000 yuan, raising the price of about 7% , The final 100 million yuan to sell, holding two years profit of about 43.16 million yuan, the property appreciation of about 76%.

The other for the Lippo Center 2 low-level 5B room, an area of ​​about 2,450 square feet, in the form of equity transfer company, involving 68.6 million yuan, 28,000 yuan per square foot.