The Evangelion will enter the market with 320 million yuan.

A number of religious organizations have entered the market at a high price. The Land Registry has shown that the HKUST SPACE school building on the 3rd floor from the ground floor of Mei Foo San Tsuen, 38-46 Lam Sau Road, Lai Chi Kiu, was awarded the Hong Kong Christian Broadcasting Association in early June. The Federation purchased it for 324 million yuan. The underground area of ​​the property is 8080 square meters. The floor area of ​​each floor of the 1st to the 3rd floor is 9009 square meters. The total area is about 35,107 square meters. Another 7100 square foot playground is connected, which is equivalent to about 9229 yuan.

The total area is about 3.5

According to the information, the original owner of the University of Hong Kong purchased the above property for 50 million yuan in 2006. It has been used as the SPACE branch of the Hong Kong University School of Professional and Continuing Education. It has now made a turnover of 274 million yuan and the property has appreciated 5.48 times in 12 years.

Luo Zhuxiong dismantled Changsha Bay New School

In addition, senior investor Luo Zhuxiong purchased the first floor of Jiaming Industrial Building, No. 688 Qingshan Road, Cheung Sha Wan, which was purchased for $106 million in January this year. It has been converted into a small fashion studio “OK688″ with a total of 116 units ranging from 77 to 420 square feet. The intention price is 11,000 yuan, with the finest area of ​​77 square meters, the admission fee is about 850,000 yuan, and the financial arrangement can be borrowed 70%.

In addition, according to the Land Registry information, Changsha Street, Changsha Bay, No. 7 and No. 9 in early June changed hands by RMB 134 million. The new buyer is Yuhui Co., Ltd., and its directors are LEE, SIU YUK ELIZA. Among them, Li Xiaoyu is the former private secretary of Huang Kun, the chairman of Oriental Pearl Oil.

In addition, the 7A and 9A of Changhua Street have also changed hands. It is unknown whether they were purchased by Li Xiaoyu.