Midland 3 agent involved in the scam of Henderson’s 146,000 maids

The ICAC filed a lawsuit against three Midland real estate agents. When it was suspected of selling a private property unit in Central, it conspired to defraud Henderson with an additional commission of more than $146,000. The defendants pleaded in the Eastern District Court today.

Indicted by the ICAC

The three defendants included Midland Sales Manager Liu Jiaer (37 years old); Midland Assistant Co-Director Feng Guoji (42 years old); Midland Senior Regional Business Director Li Yuxian (48 years old) was charged with a conspiracy to defraud. The ICAC received a complaint of corruption earlier and the suspected crime was revealed after the investigation. When Liu was sent, he was sent to the United States to work at a branch in Central. Her boss was Feng and Li was the boss of Feng. They are responsible for facilitating property transactions for Midland’s clients.

The case stated that in April 2016, the United States was commissioned by Henderson to promote its first-hand flat in a private residential estate in Robinson Road, Central. Henderson agreed to pay 4% of the unit price of the unit to the United States as a commission for each completed transaction. A buyer purchased a unit for more than $39 million in April 2016.

The charge alleged that the defendant allegedly conspired to defraud Henderson from April to December 2016, that is, dishonestly and falsely told Henderson that the United States would pay a cash rebate of 1.36 million yuan to the buyer for the purchase of the housing unit in the estate. After that, Henderson was induced to sell the unit, and the commission paid to the United States was increased to 4.375% of the purchase price of the relevant unit; and Henderson Finance Co., Ltd. was paid to the United States for an additional commission of more than $146,000.