Tuen Mun Siu Hei Court outside area 10,000 rent middle floor attached home appliances

The Home Ownership Siu Wai Court, which is adjacent to the Light Rail Siu Wai Station, has been rented by the tenants of the outer district for $10,000.

Xiangyi Real Estate Huang Wenle said that the transaction was located in the middle floor of Block B of Zhaoyuan Court, with a usable area of 385 square feet. The tenant was a foreigner, and the Tuen Mun District was well-equipped, plus the company’s attached equipment and some home appliances. Rented at 10,000 yuan, the rentable area is 26 yuan.

Based on the valuation of the same type of unit bank of 4.38 million yuan, the rental return rate is 2.7 percent.