Tianjin IIIA one-bedroom monthly rent 20,000 yuan Liangjing mini households rent 44 yuan Tuen Mun public housing new high

In the summer holiday season, Tseung Kwan O, where property prices have risen sharply in recent years, rents have followed the market upwards. There is a standard unit of 1 room in Phase IIIA of the Panxinjin District in the district. The monthly rent is as high as 19,000 yuan, equivalent to the actual rent of 54 yuan. The average utility price of the Taikoo City, which is an average of about 43%, is about 26%. The monthly rent and rent of the relevant Tianjin IIIA units are all new highs in the standard of 1 bedroom. At the same time, the rents of public housing units are also high. A group of mini-houses in Liangjing Village, Tuen Mun, have been raised to 44 yuan, creating a new high in Tuen Mun.

Ming Pao reporter Xie Yingyi

Liu Haoqin, Director of Hong Kong Property Assistant Division, said that the middle floor B of Block 3A of Phase IIIA of the above-mentioned Tianjin III is a standard room of 352 square feet and 1 room. The owner originally ordered a rent of 20,000 yuan and a slight price reduction of 1,000 yuan or 5%. The monthly rent is $19,000 for rent and the rent is $54. Apart from the monthly rent of one-bedroom and the new rent, the monthly rent is also a new high for the Tseung Kwan O Standard 1 flat. It is understood that the new tenants are high-income earners. They love the new age of the estate and have a clubhouse. They are willing to rent at a high price. The owners bought the flats at $5,032,200 at the beginning of last year and now enjoy a rental return of 4.5%.

The owner reduced the rent and rented a thousand yuan and enjoyed a return of 4.5%.

As for the Liangjing Village in Tuen Mun, the new mini-rental transaction was also recorded. Huang Wenle, manager of Xiangyi Real Estate Branch, said that the 25th floor of the Liangliang Building in Liangjing Village mentioned above is a 153-square-open open space with a saleable area of ​​6800 yuan. “Immediately renting", the actual rent is 44.4 yuan; the owner’s purchase price of 2.15 million yuan (replaced land price) in May this year, enjoy a rental return rate of 3.8 percent. In addition, the Fanling District Estates, which have recorded a number of student tenants since June, recorded a total of 40 lease transactions last month. Most of them were rented by Mainland students.

The mainland has a high market price of 20% rented in Fanling Center 3 rooms

Century 21 Qifeng Property Regional Manager Chen Weikang said that the high-rise 3rd floor of Block H of Fanling Center is a 512-square-foot 3-room interval with a usable area. The rent is $21,000 per month under zero bargaining. The rent is about 41 yuan. The property rented a new high in the estate. The owner bought it for $3.73 million in 2013 and enjoys a rental return of nearly 6.8 per cent. Mr Chan said that the above-mentioned flats were shared by 4 to 5 Mainland students for a one-year lease. The flats were decorated with elegant furnishings and full appliances, so the rent was about 20% higher than that of similar units.

In addition, the company will be the first rental transaction for the first-time rental of the company, which is located in the Tuen Mun, the existing building in Tuen Mun (0020). According to market news, the relevant unit is NAPA’s second low-rise A room, which is a standard area of ​​470 square feet and 2 rooms. It has recently been rented out at a monthly rent of 13,000 yuan. The practical rent is 27.7 yuan. The owner lasted about 621 in May last year. 10,000 yuan purchase price, enjoy a rental return of 2.5%.