3 Kaide Runway Area Landlord Valuation of 47.1 billion

3 Kaide Runway Area Landlord Valuation of 47.1 billion

The Kai Tak Development Area is still the main land supply town for the next year. Three residential areas in the former runway area will be launched next year. It is expected to become a billion-dollar land with a total floor area of ​​approximately 3 million square feet and a total valuation of approximately 41.3 billion yuan. To 47.1 billion yuan.

3 million units of total floor area, about 3,200 units

The three residential sites have a site area ranging from 102,000 to 198,000 square feet. Two of them are located in the front row. The total floor area is about 3 million square feet. It is estimated that about 3,200 to 3,500 medium and large units can be built.

Among them, Site No. 1 in Area 4C is the most open, overlooking Hung Hom and Island Island, and enjoys the Harbour View with a sea view of about 714,000 square feet. The market is more optimistic about the area, ranging from 10.4 billion to With a total investment of 12.1 billion yuan, the floor price is estimated to be between RMB 145,000 and RMB 17,000.

Another front row of residential area 4A, No. 2, mainly looking at the To Kwa Wan typhoon shelter seascape, and the Hung Hom Cityscape, the largest scale, nearly 1.12 million square feet of floor space, valued at 17.5 billion to 19.9 billion yuan, is expected to be the first half Annual push.

No. 2 in Area 4A

The site No. 1 in Area 4A, which is located in the rear row, was also launched in the next quarter. The sea view is relatively narrow. Looking at the Kowloon Bay Commercial District, the floor area is about 1.08 million square feet, with a valuation of about 13.5 billion to 15.1 billion yuan.

In the former runway area, 4 residential plots have been granted in the past year, and 3 (4B District 2 to 4) rear floor plots have a land price of 135,000 to 1.55 million. 4C District 3, which was acquired by Xindi (00016) The front row of land, the floor price of nearly 174,000 yuan.

In recent years, the Government has invested resources in the development of infrastructure and facilities in Kai Tak. In the future, there are many residential supply in the district. In the remaining runway area, there are still about 4 private residential areas that have not yet been sold or included in the sale of land. It is estimated that additional With 4,000 units, it is expected that a new Kowloon luxury residential area will be formed in the future.

In the near future, the Kai Tak Station in the same district has completed projects, including the Kai Tak No. I and II, which were occupied last year. The second-hand transaction price is about 19,000 to 22,000 yuan, while the new ones such as Oasis Kai Tak and Tianzhu are in the near future. The price of plutonium ranges from 25,000 to 41,000.