Remaining goods or price reduction on the 22nd floor of Central

Remaining goods or price reduction on the 22nd floor of Central

Senior investor Cai Zhizhong has been dismantling the full-floor unit on the 22nd floor of the Central Center, 99 Queen’s Road Central, which was dismantled in August last year. So far, six units have been sold, involving more than 490 million yuan. The batch of units completed the transaction yesterday. The remaining units will re-sell the price list as soon as next week. Cai Zhizhong indicated that there will be bargaining space, which means that the price will be reduced.

The 22nd floor of the Central Center has a full-floor construction area of ​​25078 square meters. Cai Zhizhong sold it to 12 units last year. Since the sale, 11 units have been launched and 6 units have been sold. The sold price of the unit sold was 68.85 million to 92.27 million yuan, and the price was 41080 to 43580 yuan, and the cash was about 492 million yuan.

It is understood that the units sold have expired yesterday, although the units in the building were sold at a price of 29,500 yuan, which was 28.2% to 32.3% lower than the units sold on the 22nd floor, but Cai Zhizhong said that the first batch of 6 Units have successfully completed the transaction.

Cai Zhizhong: Accepting the price of the prospective buyer

Cai Zhizhong said that as the Sino-US trade war has a chance to talk, and the pressure on interest rate hikes has dropped, the real estate market has turned better. In view of this, it is planned to re-launch the remaining units within the day and re-launch the price list as soon as next week. He pointed out that due to the adjustment of market conditions in the past six months, it is willing to accept the bargaining by prospective buyers.

According to the price list issued before, the unsold units have the highest price of 1 room, the building area is 2536 square meters, the selling price is about 11.17787 billion yuan, and the price is 44080 yuan.

Changshi (01113) sold 75% of the Central Center in November 2017 for 40.2 billion yuan. The new buyers were successively spun off and shipped. Among them, Jihui Group took over the full floor of the 28th floor with a construction area of ​​24,980 square meters. The price of the price is only 29,500 yuan, which is the lowest transaction price since the sale.

In addition, according to the Rating and Valuation Department, as of January this year, the private office rent index for all levels was reported at 252.9, down 1.1% month-on-month, falling for two months. Among them, the Grade A office rent index was 261.3, down 1.2% month-on-month. In terms of selling price, the index of private office sales at all levels in January was 545.2, down 4.2% from December last year.

According to the “Commercial Newsletter" report published by the Information Research Department of Midland Industrial and Commercial (00459), the price of Grade A commercial buildings fell 0.9% month-on-month last month, falling for three consecutive months. The Jinzhong District fell by 3.6% month-on-month, which is the region with the largest decline. The latest average price is about 35,500 yuan.