MONTEREY Express 4 Bungalows received over 1800 votes

MONTEREY Express 4 Bungalows received over 1800 votes

The new disk sales are hot, and MONTEREY, a subsidiary of Wheelock Real Estate, has smashed four houses in a single day yesterday, with a cash price of 214 million yuan and an average price of about 28,500 yuan. Henderson Land (00012) is also in full swing. It has exceeded 1800 votes last night and over 6.3 times. The neighboring district has been deployed by the New World (00017) and the URA. In the day, the price is rushed.

MONTEREY yesterday smashed four bungalows, of which the price and the highest price were No. 7 house, sold for 63.526 million yuan, the saleable area was 2004 square, the price was 31,700 yuan, and the other three were Lagoona Blue A, E and G. The effective area of ​​the house is 1843 square meters, and the transaction price is over half a billion. Among them, the model E house opened for visit at the end of last month, the transaction price was 50.863 million yuan, and the price was 27,500 yuan. In the past two weeks, the project has connected 9 houses, with a total of 477 million yuan.

Henderson implemented Saturday’s first round of sales of 246 people, the average price of 20399 yuan, the project continued to vote, as of 8:30 last night, the cumulative number of tickets has exceeded 1,800, over 6.3 times overtime, tomorrow at noon ticket. Located at No. 63 Matouwei Road, the shore provides 551 groups with a usable area of ​​170 to 425 square meters. It is expected to enter the end of March 2021.

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The investment in the bank has a good response. The new world-owned company in the neighboring area has also accelerated its sales. Yesterday, the first-hand residential property sales online book. It is reported that the developer has deployed the open demonstration unit within the day and issued the first price list. Located at No. 68, Kowloon City Road, there are 294 gangs with a saleable area of ​​283 to 386 square meters. The occupation period is the end of March 2021.

After the five low-seat units of Cheung Sha Wan, a subsidiary of SHKP (00016), last week, the developer “Tian Shi" launched a group of four low-profile sea diamonds on Sunday (10th), two of which re-issued yesterday. The price increase is about 2%.