86 million paved grounds at Colin Street, Central

86 million paved grounds at Colin Street, Central

There is a rare shop in Central, which is adjacent to the Central Link to the Mid-Levels escalator. It has recently changed its floor to $86 million and the price has risen by nearly 209 times.

According to the news, there is a loft in the ground floor of Block A, No. 30-34, Gurlin Street. The underground building area is about 900 square feet. There are about 900 square meters at the loft. The building area is about 1800 square meters. It is sold for about 86 million yuan. About 47,800 yuan. The current tenant is a well-known and well-known restaurant, Wang Fen. It has been rented for many years. The current monthly rent is about 138,000 yuan and the return is about 1.9%.

It is reported that the site was launched for sale last year, and the asking price was as high as 100 million yuan. The final price was 14 million yuan and sold for 86 million yuan. According to the Land Registry, the original owner purchased it for 410,000 yuan in 1974, holding the goods for 45 years, and the book profit was 85.59 million yuan, an appreciation of nearly 209 times.

Chuanghui Plaza built 10,229 yuan

In addition, the senior investor Lin Zifeng recently dismantled the construction of the 43-45 Junye Street in Kwun Tong, the industrial park Chuanghui Plaza, the record of the full-scale transaction, including the 12th floor full floor, construction area of ​​about 10265 square feet, the transaction price of about 105 million Yuan, the price of 10229 yuan. Liu Zhongxing, regional business director of the Industrial and Commercial Department of Zhongyuan (Industrial and Commercial), said that buyers will use it for their own use.

According to the data, the 15th floor of the building and the 16th floor of the top floor have been changed to a price of 9932 yuan and 9999 yuan respectively. In other words, the transaction on the 12th floor is higher than the higher level, and it has risen above 10,000 yuan for the first time. The mark.

The first floor of the first floor of the building has also been sold. The building area is about 10,341 square feet. The transaction price is 92 million yuan and the price is 8987 yuan. Lin Zifeng predicted that the remaining goods will increase by 3% to 5% from this Saturday