Second-hand cost recovery, valuation is not enough to reproduce New Kwai Fong Garden 2 rooms 6.85 million Bank valuation is 10% lower

Second-hand cost recovery, valuation is not enough to reproduce New Kwai Fong Garden 2 rooms 6.85 million Bank valuation is 10% lower

The second-hand construction price rebounded and the buyer entered the market with the price, but the bank valuation did not keep up, and the valuation was not enough to reproduce. The higher-priced buildings with more upswings are estimated to be more than 10% lower than the construction cost. The two-bedroom households in Kwai Chung New Kwai Fong Garden have a transaction price of 6.85 million yuan and a bank valuation of 6.04 million yuan, a low of 12%.

Second-hand Xiaoyangchun is now, the owner is blushing, the market is now anti-price cases, the buyer is “buy more expensive” mentality to enter the market. However, the speed of the bank’s valuation has not kept up. The newspaper has randomly selected 20 cases in the districts in the past three days. It is valued by BOC (02388) and the HSBC online system. Ten of them are Half of the units, the valuation of the two banks are lower than the transaction price, and there is insufficient valuation.

Among them, the low-priced building with a faster rise in property prices is the most obvious. Based on the lower estimates of the two banks, the first case of Sha Tin, the new Kwai Fong Garden and the Newport City of Ma On Shan have a case estimate of more than 10% lower than the transaction price.

One city, two rooms, 5.78 million for sale, valuation of 5.18 million

Among the new Kwai Fong Gardens, where the transaction volume is relatively small, the bank valuation is relatively backward, and the undervaluation is the most serious. Refers to the 1st floor of Block A of New Kwai Fong Garden, with a saleable area of ​​418 square feet, 2 rooms spaced apart, looking to open the landscape, with decoration, and the first place in the outer area to take over 6.85 million yuan, which is higher than the housing estate last year. The difference is 3.5%, which is the second highest price. However, HSBC’s valuation of the unit is only 6.04 million yuan, 12% less than the transaction. As for the relatively aggressive BOC valuation of 6.37 million yuan, it is still 7% lower.

Secondly, the second house of Shatian First City was recently sold for 5.78 million yuan. This year’s 2 houses are the most expensive, but HSBC’s valuation is only 5.18 million yuan, 10.4% lower than the transaction price.

Stepping corner city, bank future progress

At present, the valuation has not been able to catch up with the second-hand transaction price. The main reason is that the second-hand transaction volume in the Lunar New Year holiday in February is small, and the lack of data reference makes the valuation adjustment relatively slow, which is not compatible with the latest transaction price. In fact, the bank valuation has risen in the past month. For example, a 2-bedroom household in Jiahu Mountain Villa in Tianshuiwei has an estimate of 4.63 million yuan from January, and has risen for 5 weeks to 5.01 million yuan, up 8%, and is expected to enter the price. After the situation, the bank valuation is more aggressive.

Therefore, at this stage of the “corner city” home buyers, buyers should do a good job of valuation and multi-reference transaction data, so as not to enter the market after the entry price, the valuation is insufficient and the money will be raised. The atmosphere of the property market improved, reflecting the CSI of the Central Plains brokers’ opinion on the property market. The latest report was 76.1 points, up 5.6 points per week, and rose by 9.64 points for two weeks. It is expected that the CSI index will be tested at 80 points next week, and property prices are expected to rise.