Mai Changqing retired 6.01 million to purchase the Antai Company

Mai Changqing retired 6.01 million to purchase the Antai Company

Capital flows into the fine-priced industrial building, Hongan Real Estate (01243) partnered senior investor Luo Zhuxiong to dismantle a basket of industrial units in the Antai International Center in Tsuen Wan, the first batch of 10 units, among which artist Mai Changqing [picture] spent about 6.01 million yuan Purchase a company with a lease.

The Antai International Center, located at 120-124 Texaco Road, Tsuen Wan, officially launched the first batch of 14 units for sale. The unit construction area ranges from 1400 to 2400 square meters. The price ranges from 601.16 million to 13.2 million yuan, and the price is 4082. 5,500 yuan.

The market value of the two industrial buildings in Kwai Chung is 400 million

Zhong Fang (Industrial and Commercial) Industrial and Commercial District Business Director He Fang said that the project has accumulated a total of 10 units, 8 of which have changed hands in the form of a lease, and new buyers can enjoy a rental return of 4%. customer. The original price of the owner is added to the second batch of units. The price of the price starts from 4082 yuan and the entrance fee starts from about 6 million yuan.

It is understood that Mai Changqing purchased the lowest price of the first floor of the 15th floor, 4 rooms, the building area of ​​1400 square feet, in the form of a lease, the transaction price of 6.0116 million yuan, the price of about 4294 yuan.

In addition, Knight Frank was commissioned by the owner to submit the sale of the letter of intent to sell the two industrial buildings at 17 to 21 Kwai Siu Road, Kwai Chung, and the tender was closed on July 23. The property is now an 11-storey industrial building with a site area of ​​approximately 5,700 square feet. It is classified as a Class C site. At present, the total gross floor area of ​​the building is about 57,000 square feet. The market value is about 400 million yuan and the price is about 7018 yuan. .