Huagui Village 4.5 million Pinggang Island Public Housing Record Buyers are not willing to wait for new homes

Huagui Village 4.5 million Pinggang Island Public Housing Record Buyers are not willing to wait for new homes

A series of new subsidized housing projects have been launched, but they are not enough to meet the demand for the market. Some green watch buyers “feel that (excess) multiples are unnecessary, etc." still do not hesitate to enter the market at a high price. Aberdeen public housing estates in Wah Kwai Estate have unpaid land premiums. A turnover of $4.5 million was made to tie in the record of public housing prices in Hong Kong Island.

Affected by the deterioration of Sino-US trade negotiations and the launch of new HOS flats in the current period, according to the Housing Authority (hereinafter referred to as the Housing Authority), the number of uncompleted land subsidised housing transactions in Hong Kong fell to only 170 in May, a total of 298 cases in April. The decrease was about 43%. It fell for two consecutive months and hit a new low of 147 after October last year. However, the relevant number is temporary and the Housing Authority will have a chance to adjust the relevant figures in the future.

Fu Rong 3 rooms did not pay the price of 8.12 million

Although there was a significant decline in the overall unpaid land premium subsidy in May, there were no shortage of high-priced cases, including a high-rise household in Huagui Village, with a saleable area of ​​598 square feet, which was sold at an unpaid land price of 4.5 million yuan to tie the public housing estates on Hong Kong Island. The cost record is priced at 7,525 yuan. Wu Jingzhang, the senior branch manager of Zhongyuan Real Estate, revealed that the upper site is a high-rise 3 room of Hualilou Building, and the original plan is open. According to the Land Registry, the original owner had previously purchased 317,400 yuan from the land premium in 1998. In the same year, HSBC approved a loan of 300,000 yuan, which means that only 17 million yuan was on the train, which was a huge profit on the book. 418.26 million yuan (about 13.2 times).

In addition, the unpaid land price market has the price of HOS flats to break through the “eight goals". Han Wen Real Estate Senior Consultant Wu Wenquan said that the low-rise D room of Block 6 of Fu Wing Garden in Mong Kok has a usable area of ​​592 square feet and 3 bedrooms. The original owner has 828. Ten thousand yuan was released for nearly two months, and recently it was reduced to an unpaid land price of 8.12 million yuan, and the price was 13716 yuan. According to the information, the property price has not only broken the high premium of the estates which were set up by the Fu Wing Garden in September last year at $7.85 million. It is also the first “eight ball" transaction in the uncompleted flats of the estate. The annual premium of the land premium was 4.39 million yuan, and the site was upgraded by about 3.73 million yuan (about 85%) in about 5 years.

Liangjing Village has no bid for 420,000

The price of some alternative disc sources has been reduced. The agent pointed out that there are 6 high-rise buildings in the 5th floor of Liangjing Building in Liangjing Village, Tuen Mun. The saleable area is 150 square meters. The original plan is open-plan, which is a court order property and no deed building. In the past, the sale was launched at an unreserved land price of $700,000. Since the release has not been undertaken for a long time, the latest price has been lowered to a maximum of $420,000. The asking price has the opportunity to stipulate the unpaid public housing estates in Hong Kong. The intention price is 2,800 yuan. According to the Land Registry, the site was purchased by the owner in 2014 with an unpaid land premium of $93,200. The current offer price is still 326,800 yuan (about 3.5 times) higher than that of the year.

Chen Yongjie, vice president and head of the residential division of Centaline Property Asia, said that the land market subsidy last month was affected by the deterioration of Sino-US trade disputes and the launch of new home ownership. The trading volume has declined, but the market is generally expected to be new homes. The “competition", some prospective buyers or “feeling (excess) multiples are unnecessary," so they continue to look for market entry targets, so the market still has high-priced transactions from time to time. He estimates that as the new HOS flats are closed for application on the 12th of this month, the volume of the unsubsidized subsidized housing market will pick up.