Market demand by the optical shop to actively expand

Smart phones and tablet computer popularity, so that the “bow family" on the increasing demand for glasses, optical shops to bring considerable business opportunities in recent months, there are optical shops to actively open new stores.

Causeway Bay ground floor with loft rent 180,000

Causeway Bay, No. 57, Beverly Street, an area of ​​758 square feet, another 400 square feet of attic, just won the local glasses brand rental of 180,000 yuan monthly rent, feet about 155 yuan. Data show that the shop by the fashion store to rent 350,000 yuan, in 2014 to 2016 rental, the rent is down nearly 50%.

Second, Shop 1 and 2, Ground Floor, 1 and 2, Pilgrimage Street, Central, with a total area of ​​1,285 square feet, was attended by an optical shop with an upscale route of $ 600,000 and a rent of about $ 467. Yuan, about 60% lower.

Hong Kong Aberdeen Lake Street 12 to 13 underground and attic, with a total area of ​​about 800 square feet, by the optical shop jewelry to 132,000 yuan lease, the former rent of 14 million, the new lease is reduced by about 6%.

Hong Kong Ping Pu shop business director Li Haibin pointed out that many glasses have launched a higher price glasses products, product profits improved. Part of the price of glasses brand, from the previous major shopping malls, to scattered in the development of various areas of people’s livelihood, coupled with the recent “bow family" on the demand for glasses increased, expected in the next few months can still see the optical shop to actively expand the situation.