Attracting price + high number of mortgages

After the interest rate hike in Hong Kong, the first set of door-to-door source, although limited by geographical location, but the price of less than 10,000 yuan for the trick, still sells a full house, indicating that the new disk as long as the offer is attractive enough, even if there are negative factors, there are still support customer.

The geographical location and transportation facilities of Shangyuan are not ideal, but the red market is still open under the counter-market of bank interest rate hikes. The first round of 347 people will be clear.

The first batch of the project was started at a discount of $9,878. It is about 20% lower than the current price of other first-hand properties in the same district. It is similar to the price of second-hand flats. The shocking price is attractive. The project collects 3,500 tickets, which is 9 times in excess. The main focus is on young users.

3 room large unit

The project was raised to No. 681 yesterday and it was clear that the picking rate was very high. It is reported that the speed of picking up goods in the 3 bedroom large unit is the fastest, mainly because the project price is relatively flat, and the number of households prefers to choose a slightly larger living space.

In addition to the flat price, the developer provides a high number of mortgages, and the property price can still be borrowed 80%. Take the D room on the 16th floor of Block 2A as an example. The area is 549 square feet (2 rooms). The discounted price is 6.403 million yuan. The normal bank only has a mortgage of 60%. The first phase will be 2.561 million yuan, but the developer will receive a mortgage of 80. The first phase was only 1.28 million yuan.

Moreover, the full-term interest rate P is reduced by 2.7%, the real interest rate is 2.675%, which is lower than the second interest rate of the financial company or other developers, and the low interest rate is up to 25 years. The real interest rate is similar to that of ordinary banks, so it is widely Accepted by the family, driving sales.