10 large housing estates, long vacation, one city reduced by 720,000

After the bank raised interest rates, the second-hand property market turnover dropped further. The top 10 blue-chip housing estates recorded zero transactions in most housing estates in the past three days. Only the units that expanded the bargaining space were accepted. Shatin First City There are 3 room units with a substantial price reduction of 720,000 yuan.

10 big housing estates only 1 to 5 long holidays

According to the statistics of the four major estate agents, the 10 major housing estates (slightly different in the 4 rows) were only 1 to 5 transactions, and most of the estates were not recorded. Only the room for rapid increase in bargaining space was accepted. For example, the second floor of Block B of the first city of Shatian, with a usable area of ​​447 square feet and 3 rooms, was originally called the price of 7.8 million yuan. The owner reduced the amount by 720,000 yuan and changed hands to 7.08 million yuan. It is about 7% lower than the bank’s estimate of 7.54 million yuan. The original owner purchased the unit for 1.02 million yuan in 1991, holding the goods for 27 years and making a profit of 6.06 million yuan.

Secondly, the second floor of Block F of Debao Garden in Ngau Tau Kok, with a usable area of ​​282 square feet, is a two-bedroom interval. The owner originally requested a price of 5.4 million yuan. However, it has not been accepted yet. After the reduction of the price, it was changed to 4.75 million yuan. The decrease was 650,000 yuan, a decrease of 12%. The average unit price of 16,844 yuan is the first time the housing estate has fallen below 17,000 yuan in the past five months.

In the HOS market, Mr. Huang Wenle, manager of Xiangyi Real Estate Branch, said that the 17th floor of the middle floor of Zhaolong Court in Tuen Mun has a usable area of ​​376 square feet. The owner opened the price of 4.38 million yuan last week and reduced the price by 330,000 yuan in one week. 4.05 million (replaced land price) changed hands, the price was 10,771 yuan.

It also belongs to the 17-room unit of Zhaolong Court. In May and June of this year, two transactions were sold at the lower price. All of them belonged to the lower level, but the cost was 4.128 million and 4.16 million respectively. The low-rise households are over 10 stories high, but the price is flat.