50 Jiaxia 10 transactions last month 2 and a half years low

The Midland Industrial and Commercial Department Information Research Department and the United States Business Data show that in September, only 50 of the 50 major indicators recorded a transaction volume, which was a record low of more than two and a half years, and as many as 42 units were not recorded. It is also a new low in the past two and a half years.

Weng Hongxiang, Director of Operations and Commercial Director of Midland Industrial and Commercial Services, pointed out that traditionally, the end of the year is the peak season for commercial buildings. However, investors have been cautious in recent months due to factors such as Sino-US trade war, stock market volatility and interest rate hikes.

In September, the index area of the company was only 17,400 square feet, which is the historical low since the Bank recorded a record. It reflects that the trading in the previous month was dominated by the small units, and the big hands were almost extinct.