Yundili Building Shen Qiang auction valuation of more than 1.5 billion

The Yundi Lee Building, an old mansion in Happy Valley with a market capitalization of over $1.5 billion, was applied for a strong auction. It has been acquired by Wheelock Properties or related parties for over 80% of the shares. It is estimated that it will be redeveloped into a medium-density residential building with a floor area of ​​approximately 88,000 square feet. Hey.

The traditional mansion area of ​​Happy Valley, Happy Valley Building, about 55 years old, is now two 9-storey residential buildings with 24 parking spaces in the basement, 4 to 8 people on each floor, and a total of 67 residential units. The property is valued at approximately 1.518 billion yuan, which is the most expensive residential property for nearly two years.

The floor price is about 17,000 yuan

The property was acquired by Shibo International Co., Ltd. last year. The registered directors are Cai Xiaoling and Xue Jianping. In the early years, they acquired the Xiwanhe Building. The existing site has been rebuilt into a new ISLAND RESIDENCE. Therefore, the developer behind the market is the person of Wheelock Real Estate. .

Since last year, the developer has invested more than 2 billion yuan to acquire property of about 83.8% of the property. The purchase price has ranged from 29,000 to nearly 40,000 yuan. The valuation report shows that there are still 12 houses and 10 parking spaces that have not been successfully acquired. Involved in 11 groups of small owners, including Jing Jun Co., Ltd. and the Chen family’s South American Fortune Co., Ltd.

The site area of ​​the project is about 17,600 square feet. If the reconstruction is carried out with a plot ratio of up to 5 times, the building can be built with an area of ​​about 88,000 square feet and the floor price of 17,000 yuan.

New World M&A Industrial Building Adds Resistance

In addition, New World (00017) has acquired the San Po Kong Anlong Factory Building for many years. Other investors have purchased one unit at a high price of RMB 43.828 million, which is nearly 1.7 times higher than the developer’s purchase price last year and will reach 80% of the project. The strong threshold of power has increased.

New World began to acquire the Anlong Factory Building at 11 to 13 Luhe Street at the end of 2015. The property is about 52 years old. The average purchase price per group ranges from 13.75 million yuan to 19.66 million yuan. It has successfully acquired 26 units of the building. , accounting for about 65% of the entire building.

However, at present, the other investor, the Xiang Guoliang lawyer family, who has more ownership in the building, has bought a new A-room unit at the top of the project for 438.28 million yuan, which is 2,789 compared to the same-floor unit bought two years ago. Ten thousand yuan, 57% higher, currently holds a total of 7 groups in the building. Compared with the purchase price of New World last year of 16.45 million yuan, it is nearly 1.7 times more, which is the key to whether developers can reach the threshold of strong shooting.

In fact, the New World unified the ownership of the No. 9 Zhongxi Industrial Building next year. If the acquisition of the above properties is successful, it is estimated that the two sites will be rebuilt in the future and the building can be built with an area of ​​about 220,000 square feet.