The increase in commissions has already pushed the next wave of price reductions?

Recently, the new disk sales are slow, and some new disk shipments are less than 50%. With the increasing demand for one-handed goods, the new set will now be a trilogy of “adding commissions, increasing profits and reducing prices". Now that the first two have appeared, the price reduction trend will appear soon.

In the past when the city was in the market, the first day of the new market was cleared, and the immediate price increase was common. The momentum of continued increases in new orders has also driven the trading of second-hand markets and property prices, resulting in a more prosperous atmosphere.

Part of the project, the first day of pick-up rate is less than 50%

However, the recent sales of the first-hand sales have slowed down markedly. In particular, the Government has stipulated that at least 20% of the projects required to be sold in at least one batch will be used to crack down on the sale of “toothpaste-type". The situation of the new disk is almost extinct. The daily pick-up rate dropped to less than 50%.

For example, the first batch of 504 gangs in Longhuahui, Yuanlan, Huayuan, was immediately sold out of 197, with a dropout rate of less than 40%; Ling sold 75 gangs, accounting for nearly half of the total; and Zhuang Shi China (00298) 屯门弦海 first day pick-up rate is only 36%. The new disc sales have turned weak, and many of the remaining units accumulated in the real estate are also increasing.

At the same time, the vacant tax is approaching step by step. Developers can no longer sigh on the plate and stimulate sales in the market. There is often a so-called “price reduction trilogy." Initially, by adding commissions to agents, and then increasing various mortgages or home sales, the “face price" will remain unchanged, and the final price reduction may become an important one.

If the price reduction spreads, accelerate the adjustment of the property market

At present, the first two steps of the “price reduction trilogy", that is, the commission and the increase in profits have been sporadically appeared on a number of new remnants of the surplus, but the sales have not seen a significant boost. If the situation persists, I believe that there may be a step for the developer to take the price reduction.

In fact, in the past, developers have reduced the price of goods from time to time. For example, in August this year, the price of Hua Tuo was reduced by 10%, and the sale of Tuen Mun Lun Lun was carried out. Last year, Taikoo (01972) also reduced the price of Whitesands in Changsha, Lantau. In order to stimulate sales.