He Wentian  low-level eclipse 1.4 million departure

He Wentian recorded an eclipse transaction, and a low-rise household sold for $22.9 million, and the actual eclipse was more than 1.4 million yuan.

According to market news, the low-rise B room has a usable area of ​​932 square feet, a transaction price of 22.9 million yuan, and a usable area price of 24,571 yuan. The original owner was purchased in 2014 for $23.16 million. The book eclipse was $260,000. If calculated together with the printing fee and agency commission, the actual eclipse exceeded $1.4 million.

Shui Shui Tian Tian Yangfang eclipse sold for 500,000

Zhong Yong Real Estate Marketing Manager Tan Yongkang said that there is also an eclipse case in Sheung Shui Tin Estate. The flat is a single house at Ricky Road. The saleable area is 1,576 square feet. The asking price is $24 million. The price is reduced by $2 million to $22 million. The price is 13,959 yuan. The agent said that the buyer is the user, because the living environment of the house is reasonable, and the price is reasonable. After the lease is over, the buyer will buy it. The unit will be purchased in 2010 for 21.18 million yuan. Although the book earns about 620,000 yuan. If calculated together with miscellaneous fees, the actual erosion is about 500,000 yuan.

The market also recorded investors and celebrities entering the market. He Wentian’s new KADOORIA, the underground unit of No. 123 Kadoorie Road, with a saleable area of ​​1,961 square feet, was sold for 98 million yuan. The price was nearly 50,000 yuan. The registered buyer was " Shi Bingxiang, the eldest son of Shi Jianhui, the king of the Sparrow Pavilion. Shi Bingxiang frequently entered the market this year. He has purchased a number of luxury residential units. In the middle of this year, he bought 2 units of Sai Kung Ao, with a price of 78.64 million yuan. He also spent 48.8 million yuan to buy the property of Mong Kok SKY Garden. 225 million yuan.