8 housing estates within 1 month

The second-hand property market sentiment deteriorated, and the owners sold at a reduced price. In the past month, at least 8 private and HOS housing estates fell below the 10,000-yuan mark, and the latest Tung Chung Seawall Bayside 3-bedroom households with a price of 9,716 Yuan Zhen, the higher position is 20% lower.

According to the online listing information of Zhongyuan Real Estate, about 190 units (including unpaid land prices) have a price of less than 10,000 yuan, which is an increase of 15% from the low of 321 in July.

Heavy disaster in Tung Chung District, Tuen Mun

In the past two months, the turnover of the eight estates in the past two months was less than $10,000. The main distribution was in the New Territories, such as Tuen Mun and Tung Chung District, and the HOS flats which had already subsided the land price. The price of 呎 varies from 8,419 yuan to 9,883 yuan.

The latest low-rise G room on the 2nd floor of Tung Chung Seawall has a usable area of ​​846 square feet. It belongs to the 3 bedroom and suites. Wu Huibin, the manager of Midland Realty, pointed out that the unit had sold for $10.5 million and eventually lost 2.28 million yuan. 8.2 million yuan was sold out, and the price was 9,716 yuan, returning to the middle of 2017.

The high-rise of Yingwan Park was reduced by 1.02 million baht.

As for the 5 low-rise B rooms, the area is 847 square feet. The landscape and the apartment are similar. In June, it was sold at 10.3 million yuan, that is, the high level dropped by 20%. The original owner purchased the unit for 7.1 million yuan in 2013, and the book profit was 1.12 million yuan, an appreciation of 16%.

In fact, the price of the second-tier area is more obvious. Together with the above transactions, Tung Chung District recorded three price reductions on a single day, including 12 rooms in the lower level of Block 2B in the East Ring, with a usable area of ​​456 square feet and a two-bedroom interval. Zhang Shaoxun, senior business manager of the property, pointed out that the price reduction of 600,000 yuan was to be sold at 6 million yuan, and the price was 13,158 yuan, 14% higher than the high level of more than 7 million yuan a few months ago. Secondly, Chen Xuming, the sales manager of Zhongyuan Real Estate, pointed out that the high-rise room D of Block 11 of Yingwan Park had a usable area of ​​648 square feet, a decrease of 1.02 million yuan, and a transaction price of 7.28 million yuan.

On the other hand, the first runway of Kai Tak was sold for 8.333 billion yuan, close to the lower limit of market valuation. As the residential units in Kai Tak are still in the three-year additional stamp duty restriction period, the owner’s intention to sell is not high, and there is no price reduction. However, low-priced transactions continued in the Kowloon Bay and Ngau Tau Kok estates. Such as the low-rise 5th floor of Block H of Debao Garden, the practical area is 382 square feet, the interval between the two rooms is 5.328 million yuan, and the price is 13,948 yuan, returning to the level of the beginning of this year. The middle floor of the same room, 5 rooms, this year, the transaction reached 5.99 million yuan.