The University of Hong Kong has invested 500 million yuan to purchase Hengdi Hanlinfeng Shopping Mall

The University of Hong Kong purchased a section of the Xiyingpan Hanlinfeng shopping mall from Hengdi (00012) for about 500 million yuan. According to the Land Registry, the Hanlin Peak Shopping Mall in Xiyingpan Queen’s Road West was sold for 503.8 million yuan. It is reported that the shop covers an area of ​​about 20,000 square feet and the price is about 25,000 yuan. The registered buyer is the University of Hong Kong.

Designed as a school building or teaching center

In fact, the estate is being exported to the MTR Hong Kong University Station and is also close to the University of Hong Kong. It is expected to be used by the Hong Kong University for the purpose of building a school building or teaching centre. A total of 645 gangs in the Xiying Panyu of Hengdi, which was sold at the time of sale last year.

Located in the shop floor of the urban area, it is taken over by the educational institutions from time to time. For example, Cheung Kong (01113) and the URA have developed the Sham Shui Po Fung Fung Shopping Centre from the ground floor to the second floor. In 2015, it was purchased by City University for $550 million. A total of 53,200 square feet, the price of more than 10,000 yuan. CityU used the shop as an education center.

In addition, the property on the third floor of Lam Sau Road, Lai Chi Kiu Estate, Lai Chi Kiu Estate was originally owned by the Hong Kong University School of Professional and Continuing Education. It was changed to $324 million at the beginning of this year. The transaction price was about $9,200. The new buyer was the Hong Kong Christian Broadcasting Association. The association is expected to be refurbished as a church school.