The first pre-leasing of Huiyi 1 rent 16,000

The first pre-leasing case was recorded in South West Kowloon. One-bedroom household was rented out at $16,000. The tenant paid the annual rent in one lump sum and the owner’s lease return was nearly 3%.

Tenant pays full year rent and returns 3%

Huang Yongcai, the manager of Midland Realty, pointed out that the company will be admitted as soon as possible, and the units will be pre-leased one after another, including the high-rise room E of Block 1B. The practical area is 350 square feet, which is a one-bedroom interval. The original price is 18,000 yuan. As the tenant is willing to pay the annual rent in one lump sum, the owner will eventually rent the unit for 16,000 yuan and rent 45.7 yuan. With a purchase price of 6.492 million yuan, the rental return is nearly 3%.

There are about 80 temporary rents for the rental of the market. After the resumption of the building at the end of the month, there will be room for increase in the rent. The current open-plan unit is called from 15,000 yuan per month, and the other one is from 18,000 yuan.

Secondly, the Ma On Shan Huilang open-plan unit has a stable rent of 10,000 yuan. Century 21 Qifeng regional manager Zhao Yuxin said that a middle level A3 room of Huilang, with a practical area of ​​238 square feet, was rented out at 10,600 yuan, and rented 44.5 yuan, which is a market price level. The owner purchased the unit for 3.67 million yuan and the lease return was about 3.5%.