The second procedure is to find the bottom of the new Hong Kong City 2 rooms fell below 5 million

The second procedure is to find the bottom of the new Hong Kong City 2 rooms fell below 5 million

The Sino-US trade war has been suspended, but the property price continues to find the bottom, and the second-hand transaction price is flatter than the bank valuation. Among them, Maanshan Xingang City Principle 2 households, with a total of 4.98 million yuan, fell below the 5 million mark this year, more than 10% than the bank valuation.

Although the Sino-US trade war is temporarily suspended, the small owners have reported good news to the property market, but individual owners still prefer to leave early. Among them, the second floor of Block P of Xingang City, with a usable area of ​​337 square feet, was released in August this year, with a asking price of 6.1 million yuan. Zhongyao Real Estate Divisional Manager Hu Yaozu pointed out that in recent days, the owner’s bargaining space has expanded, eventually changing hands with 4.98 million yuan, and the price is 14,777 yuan. The new buyer is the tenant. The original owner purchased the unit for 1.39 million yuan in 2007, and the book profit was 3.59 million yuan to leave the market, with an appreciation of 2.6 times.

New Territories East on the car home price back to 5 million

The unit floor is high, and it is expected to open, and this year’s peak will exceed 6 million yuan. It is reported that the cost is relatively flat, the main reason is that the interval from 2 rooms to 1 room, plus the decoration is more unique, not universal buyers can accept. According to the bank’s valuation system, the above-mentioned unit was valued at 5.73 million yuan, that is, the unit’s final low valuation was 13%. The housing price of the estate is less than 5 million yuan, which is going back to December 2017. At that time, the low-rise 2 houses were sold for 4.93 million yuan.

In fact, in the past month, many car owners in the Eastern New Territories have returned to property prices of less than $5 million, including the Sha Tin City, the index estate. As for the second-tier housing estates in the district, the price stability was weaker and the property prices dropped by 16%. It is reported that the estate Ya Chui Court has a total of 269 square feet, with an area of ​​269 square feet, and the original owner is the tenant. The price of the same-unit unit has reached 5.15 million yuan, and the transaction price is 6% lower than the bank’s estimate of 4.61 million yuan.

Ai Hui 2 rooms 7.3 million 2 days fell 960,000

The price of the other side of Tung Chung District was not supported by the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge. The two new housing estates, the Eastern Link and the upgraded price, fell. Guan Tengda, a senior division director of Lijiage Real Estate, pointed out that the 9-story middle D room of Aihui has an area of ​​671 square meters and 7.3 million yuan, and the price is 10,879 yuan. Compared with 2 days ago, the cost of the same-house type was 8.60 million, which was 9.6 million yuan, a decrease of 11.6%. Secondly, the 7th floor of the 5th floor of the East Ring Road has an area of ​​378 square feet, 5.48 million yuan, and the high level is nearly 9%.

The property market was lightly traded. According to the Land Registry, the total number of property registrations recorded in November was 3,957, down 26% month-on-month and hitting a 32-month low. The December figure is expected to be 4,000. Among them, 1,812 cases of second-hand private home sales and purchase contracts were registered, up 2% month-on-month, but the number is still low.

Although the Sino-US trade war has been suspended, the new disk sales have not been as good as expected, and the negative news such as the local interest rate hike cycle. The armistice has not been able to reverse the buyer’s view that property prices are still falling, so the second-hand low price and valuation are short-term. Flat deal, still going out