Second-hand property turnover is light, the property market is looking backwards

Second-hand property turnover is light, the property market is looking backwards

The Sino-US trade truce has caused Hong Kong stocks to continue to rebound. However, the property market has not seen any benefit, and the turnover has been reduced, and the low-priced transactions have caused the second-hand property prices to accelerate. After the property market is backward, it also looks at the new disk opening price and market affordability.

Sino-US trade truce

The special meeting will not raise the tariffs for the time being, so that there will be more people on the market on Sunday. The number of transactions has also increased slightly from the previous week. However, the incentive effect is limited. Second-hand property prices continue to find the bottom, such as the two-bedroom households in Xingang City, Ma’anshan. The first record this year was less than 5 million yuan.

The Sino-US trade truce failed to bring the property market to Hong Kong. First, although China and the United States are willing to negotiate on some structural issues, the differences between the two sides are large, and it is very difficult to reach an agreement within 90 days. What’s more, in the property market, the transaction cost is very high. Even if the buyer is optimistic about the outcome of the negotiations, he would rather wait and see the results of the negotiations and not rush into the market.

Second, Hong Kong stocks rebounded for two consecutive days, rising 2.6%, but the rebound strength has weakened yesterday, and it is impossible to recover the 20% decline before the decline, reflecting that the outcome of the truce of the Chamber of China cannot raise the hot atmosphere of the stock market. The atmosphere of the property market. Coupled with the interest rate of the Reserve Bank this month, Hong Kong banks may follow the Reserve Bureau to raise interest rates, which will increase the burden on the building, which will affect the prospective buyers to enter the market.

According to the Rating and Valuation Department, property prices in October fell by about 2.4% month-on-month, the biggest drop in nearly three years, a drop of 3.7%. Under the above factors, the atmosphere of the property market in Hong Kong is continuing to be weak, and the second-hand property price index may continue to accelerate.

However, this does not mean that the property market is really falling, but the bottom line is that the transaction does not match. Second-hand transactions last month were only 2,058, a decrease of 54% over the same period last year. Under the big drop in trading, individual price reductions were enough to push down the property price index.

However, individual price reductions are likely to continue to occur. On the one hand, property prices have risen for many years. Many owners have bought at low prices in the early years. Even if they sell at lower than the current market price, they are also profitable. For example, the book has earned hundreds of dollars. 10,000, the price reduction of hundreds of thousands is only a little earned; some are poor quality, need to be larger than the current market price to sell. In short, in the buyer market, only the price reduction can be shipped.

The new disk is not hot, worrying about adjusting pressure accumulation

Due to the shrinking of second-hand housing transactions, it is difficult to make indicators for the property market. More inspiring is always the first-hand market. If the price of the new order is deducted, after deducting the more expensive discounts, it will still be close to the market price, and there is considerable market acceptance, which reflects that the overall property market is still good. Regarding the recent sale of new discs, there is no hot sale, and the market seems to accumulate adjustment pressure.

Has China and the United States achieved results after negotiations on the 90th? Will the US Federal Reserve release information on the pace of slowing down when it raises interest rates this month? Will Hong Kong’s interest rate continue to increase? There are still many variables in the property market in Hong Kong. If we look at the weather vane, we must pay attention to the sale and sales of the new market.