HMV riots 87% or sell retail business

HMV riots 87% or sell retail business

The chain record store hmv was entangled in the recovery of rent, HMV Digital China (GEM number: 08078) shares plunged 87% to 0.02 yuan yesterday, turnover of 157 million yuan, a single day market value of 1.8 billion yuan. After the market closed, the HMV retail business was subject to high rents, potential litigation, declining consumer sentiment and the rise of e-commerce, “multiple aspects of siege”, which may be restructured, invested, liquidated and sold in the future.

Less than rent 4.85 million half-month repurchase more than 4 million

Hmv was successively pursued by the landlord for rent and loans last month. The owner of the Bead New Street branch of Causeway Bay and the Wannian Building branch of Zhonghuan entered the High Court on Monday. The rent and related expenses amounted to more than 4.85 million yuan, and the shop was required to be returned.

It is worth noting that HMV Digital China has repurchased for 12 consecutive trading days since the 16th of last month, and ended on Monday (3rd). The repurchase amount exceeded 4 million yuan.

HMV Digital China opened 7.8% lower in the market yesterday, and fell 87% in the whole day. The latest market value is only 272 million yuan, and the total number of shares traded is 6.122 billion shares. The issued share capital is about 13.6 billion shares, and the turnover rate is 45%. Chairman Xiao Dingyi holds 8.2% of shares, Huiyou Life Science (GEM ID: 08088) holds 21.8%, and Huiyou also fell 13.3% yesterday.