Second-hand price continued callback Resale for rent increase

Second-hand price continued callback Resale for rent increase

The rate of reversal of second-hand property prices has turned faster, but there are still many owners who have not accepted the reality of selling at low prices. They have resold their flats for rent. The rental stocks have rebounded and the rents have fallen back. The number of flats in Tuen Mun has fallen below 8,000 yuan. In the transaction, the higher monthly rent exceeded RMB 20 million and fell more than 20%.

Kant 2 rooms All inclusive 7500

According to market sources, the lower floor G room of the 2nd Kant Garden of Tuen Mun has a usable area of ​​363 square feet. It belongs to the two-bedroom interval. It was rented out at the full package price of 7,500 yuan, and the rent was about 21 yuan. It belongs to the Tuen Mun district estates. A breakdown in the rental of 8,000 yuan. The owner bought the unit for about 700,000 yuan in 2009, and the rental return was nearly 13%.

Secondly, the lower floor of Room C, Wanbao Building, Qinghaiwei, Tuen Mun, has a usable area of ​​254 square feet. It can be used as a two-bedroom interval. The owner originally offered a price of 8,000 yuan, and eventually reduced it to 7,500 yuan for rent, and rented about 30 yuan. It is understood that the owners bought at about 3.08 million yuan at the beginning of this year, and the rental return still reached 2.9%.

Xie Zeming, executive director of Xiangyi Real Estate, pointed out that in recent months, property prices have been resold, and a large number of owners have resold for rent. The Tuen Mun area has about 526 rentals, an increase of 12% from September, and rents are gradually under pressure. At present, there are 50 rents in the district with a rent of less than $10,000, which is 67% higher than the 30 in September. For example, Tuen Mun Town Plaza, Kant Garden and other estates have less than $8,000. Due to the low season of renting, the rental absorption slowed down. I believe there is still room for 3% to 5% reduction in the short term.

Xinghaihai first renter rent 34

On the other hand, Chen Dewen, senior regional manager of Midland Real Estate, revealed that Maanshan Xinghai Haigang recorded the first rental transaction, Room B of Building 3C, with a usable area of ​​783 square feet, just rented out at 26,500 yuan, and rented about 34 yuan. . The owner bought it at the beginning of this year for about 13.81 million yuan, and the rental return was about 2.3%.

In addition, Liu Qianyu, co-director of 21st Century Toyama Real Estate, said that the C-room of the high-rise building in Wong Tai Sin, with a saleable area of ​​223 square feet, is separated by 1 room and 2 halls, and is open to the west. The original rent is 13,500 yuan, and the final is 12,500,000 yuan. Rent out, rent 56 yuan. The owner purchased the unit for $4.01 million in 2015 and the rental return was about 3.7 per cent.