The more HOS flats are coming back, the more potential they see this year. King Furong sets a new record.

Although the Fed has the opportunity to speed up the pace of interest rate hikes, buyers continue to frantically grab buildings. An elderly person over 60 years old who was bought by a consortium due to the original housing unit, Hao thrown 9.2 million yuan to purchase a low-priced land-filled household in Mongkok Homeless Landlord Garden, becoming the first property in the whole Hong Kong home market to exceed 9 million yuan. . Acting bluntly, private property prices continued to rise, spurring homeowner owners to bid more aggressively. It is expected that this year, the home ownership market will have a property price of more than 10 million yuan.

25% high valuation 2.9 times the owner account

This year, the HOS market is almost insane. In the past 3 months, nine HOS estates with a total value of over $8 million have been recorded. Among them, 9 high-rise households of the Fortune Garden in April last year had a land premium of RMB 8.818 million. The record of the most expensive HOS flats was also broken after the release of a new “Budget Budget" at the end of last month, and the cost of construction exceeded the 9 million yuan.

According to Zeng Hanmin, director of the Hong Kong Property Development Zone, the 3 floors of Room 3A in the lower floor of Furong Garden, with a total area of ​​592 sq.ft., are the largest units in the housing estate. , The cost of expensive home ownership market in Hong Kong, the price of about 15,500 yuan also set a new record for the housing estate. In September 2006, the original owner purchased the land with a land premium of 2.338 million yuan, earning a profit of 6.866 million yuan (approximately 2.9 times). The three largest banks in Hong Kong have an online valuation of only 7.34 million to 7.63 million yuan. The current transaction price is significantly higher than the valuation by approximately 20.6% to 25.3%.

Looking up the information, in the nearly 20 years since the occupancy of the Furong Garden, there have been only 3 transactions of more than 8 million yuan. After the previous two locations were located in the middle or above, this time, the estate was the first time ever to embark on a low-rise household to board the whole Hong Kong HOS building. throne. In 2013, Charming Garden already had the title of Home Ownership of the whole territory, and made a sensational market from time to time with its land price record. For instance, in 2015, it was the king’s attention with 8.17 million yuan. The housing estate has paid land premiums and unpaid land prices and prices have all reached the most expensive seat in Hong Kong. At present, only the land price that has been paid for land can continue to be king.

In the 21st century, Tian Zhenxia Property Branch Manager, Li Zhenjie, bluntly stated that if a similar unit is located at a high level, the asking price will inevitably exceed 10 million yuan. However, based on the “market picking and stock picking,” even if the unit “accepts” the supermarket, it can still be sold at a price. . The buyer was a 60-year-old who originally resided in the Tai Kok Tsui Building in the neighbourhood. As the unit was acquired in the private market, he eventually chose to purchase more than $9 million for the original home.

North Point Health Village 592 howl 9.98 million

Even though HOS flats were sold at high prices, owners also followed suit at a price. Among them were the North Point Health Village, which is home to all Hong Kong’s homeowners, and a three-room, low-rise F room in Kang Hong Court with a floor area of ​​592 sq ft. The land price has been put up for sale and the asking price is high at 9.98 million yuan. The neighboring area has always been home to the Kings of Hong Kong’s Quarry Bay, Kangshan Garden. At present, about 13 land premiums have been put up for sale, and up to 3 units are priced at 9 million yuan or more.

Wu Shaoming, chief executive of the Midland Residential Property Department, said that recently private property prices have continued to collapse and some of the purchasing power has turned to the housing market. “The public and HOS flats are much more discreet, especially because they are white." If the prices of homeowners are higher, they will be more aggressive. Therefore, “This year (the transaction price) exceeded $10 million, the Home Ownership House is absolutely out of the ordinary". The biggest opportunity is the two largest HOS flats in the urban area. Garden and Kang Shan Garden.