Far-reaching: Relaxation can prevent new prices

The property market in Hong Kong is in hot weather. The Government has continuously launched hot tricks and tightened the number of mortgages over the years in order to curb property prices. However, the side effects are that the number of second-hand transactions has shrunk drastically, property prices have skyrocketed, and the price of new products has risen. This has further pushed up the property market. . Regarding the market’s voice demanding that the government relax the mortgage rate and help the people get on board, Kong Xiangda, Managing Director of Far East Development (00035) believes that if the government relaxes the restrictions on the mortgage insurance plan, although there is an opportunity to increase the second-hand property prices, it can be Suppression of the price of a new set of equipment will help the public get on the train as a whole.

Kong Xiangda said that because property prices have skyrocketed in the past year, it is now generally difficult for second-hand properties to build high-quality mortgages, so buyers are concentrated in the first-hand new mortgages provided by developers; if the government raises the ceiling of the ceiling on the number of mortgages This does not rule out the use of second-hand homeowners who would thus take the opportunity to increase prices, but the overall situation can still stimulate second-hand trading. After channeling demand to the secondary market, it is believed to help suppress one-handed property prices.

Units have no ability to withstand challenges

As property prices have reached new heights, Kong Xiangda frankly stated that the market conditions are not very healthy. In recent years, new discs have been able to absorb the affordability of buyers and the units have become more and more detailed. This trend cannot be continued indefinitely. “Because the units are now finely detailed. As a result, if property prices rise again and eventually the public cannot afford it, the market will adjust. However, he agrees that with current demand still strong, this may not happen in the short term. He emphasized that Far Expo has maintained a consistent strategy, and although it still participates in the auction, it will “calculate the first bid on its own."