Cai Boneng sells a low price of 48,000 yuan

The supply of A-Haxia in Central District continued to be tight, resulting in a closing price of low-floor units approaching the 50,000-yuan mark. According to market news, Cai Bo-neng, a senior investor, has sold the whole floor of the 3rd floor of the Far Eastern Financial Center in Admiralty for almost a year. Among them, 6 rooms with a total floor area of 973 sq. ft. have been sold for about RMB 467.04 million. The price is 4.8. Ten thousand yuan.

According to statistics, Cai Bowen spent a total of approximately RMB 290 million in March last year to purchase the entire third floor of the building, with a total construction area of approximately 11,500 square feet, and a discounted price of approximately RMB 25,200, followed by a detailed sale of the layer. Together with the 6th room this time, Cai Boneng has successively brought out 5 teams at the same level, priced at 38,000 to 48,000 yuan, and together they have cashed in nearly 164 million yuan.