Do developers want to catch up

The number of first-hand sales in the first quarter of this year was significantly lower than that of the same period of last year. However, if we look at the amount of setbacks, it will only fall slightly, reflecting that the newer plates will sell more and more expensively. Selling fewer new buildings will have a performance close to that of last year.

A report by the Central Plains Property Research Department yesterday pointed out that in March 2018, the registration of building sales and purchase contracts (including residential, parking spaces, and commercial and industrial properties) recorded 6,410 and 50.56 billion yuan. In February, it coincided with the New Year holidays, and transactions in transactions declined significantly. In the first-hand private residential sector, 721 cases and 11.16 billion yuan were recorded in March, down by 37.6% and 34.8% respectively. As the New Year approached, developers suspended the sale of new discs, causing the figures to hit a new low of 660 in January 2017 and a 14-month low of 9.38 billion.

On a quarterly basis, the number of new players in the first quarter was recorded at 2,691 and 43.28 billion, falling by 36.0% and 24.3% quarter-to-quarter, which was a low of a quarterly rate of 1,261 in the first quarter of 2016 and 16.57 billion in the second quarter.

First-hand sales fell in the first quarter

The highest number of new registrations registered in March 2018 was A Malibu for the 5th Lohas Park, Tseung Kwan O, which recorded 158 cases and 1.38 billion yuan. The second was 63 Pokfulam in Sai Ying Pun, which recorded 61 cases and 690 million yuan. The third is Liwan Sea Love. Love dazzling, recorded 38 cases and 790 million yuan.

Table 1 shows the comparison between the first quarter of this year and the first quarter of last year. The number of cases in the first quarter of last year has reached 3,540 cases. In the first quarter of this year, it decreased to 2,691 cases, a drop of 24%. However, if compared with the total value, it was a difference of 47.52 billion yuan last year and 43.28 billion yuan in the same period of this year, with a drop of only about 9%. It is simply understood that although the units were sold less, the cash amount was still quite high, which was within 10% of the same period of last year. If we look at the average unit price in the first quarter, it is quite clear that the new unit price rose sharply. In the first quarter of last year, it was 13.42 million yuan. In the first quarter of this year, the average transaction value per transaction reached 16.08 million yuan, an increase of 20%, reflecting the development. In the first quarter, merchants sold a lot of large-yellow-yard properties, pushing up the average price of new stocks.

The pressure is not new

From the point of view of developers cashing out, after the first quarter of this year, the pressure on developers to cash in is not exceptionally large. Of course, another note worth mentioning is Table 2. In 2017, the developer’s new disk sales achieved satisfactory results. The number of units sold was more than 18,000, and it was even more striking that the total sales value reached a high level of 240.5 billion yuan. It was high in 2015 and 2016, reaching 240.5 billion yuan. The average new-quarter sales reached 60 billion yuan per quarter. Assume that the sales targets of a group of developers are similar to last year. After the first season, they must catch up with the sales results of the previous year. This is equivalent to 2018, and the monthly sales of primary developers will reach a level of about 20 billion yuan.

Basically, in the past March, the property market has been booming after the Spring Festival. Developers are also actively pushing for new sales. Centaline Property estimates that the overall number of registrations in April will approach 10,000 and is expected to hit a new high of over five years. Yesterday, the Economic Daily also had preliminary statistics. In March, the primary market performance was largely followed by the taste of falling behind. There were 2,190 transactions recorded in one hand and the transaction value was approximately 27.1 billion yuan. The focus of the market falls on Tseung Kwan O’s big Canon project, and the MALIBU of Wheelock Estate launched a month later. It sold 1,440 people and cashed out about 13 billion yuan, making it the most absorbing project in March. This trend of accelerating the new disk, I believe this month will continue.