Pre-sale of at least 20% of flats

The Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, announced on Friday (June 29) a new first-hand residential measure. It is stipulated that when developers launch new homes in the future, the number of flats launched each time should not be less than 20 of the total number of flats covered by pre-sale consents. %, in order to speed up the speed of the launch of a private sector unit. The Director of Lands, Mr Chan Siu-ching, answered the reporter’s question after attending the Wong Tai Sin District Council meeting yesterday. It was pointed out that the above measures took effect immediately on Friday. All the pre-sale flats applications currently being processed and newly submitted will be subject to the new restriction. In the future, the department will closely monitor whether the developers have complied with the terms of the new measures when they sell their flats.

The new measures will limit the number of residential units sold by developers in the future, no matter how they sell new flats, they should not be less than 20% of the total number of flats covered by pre-sale consents; if the remaining units are less than the total number of flats For 20%, all the cargo tails must be rolled out.

Mr Chan added that the above measures did not restrict when real estate developers were required to sell all flats. They believed that the new measures would be complementary to the first-hand property vacancy tax announced by the Chief Executive on the same day last Friday. The Department will closely monitor whether developers will comply with the sale of flats in the future. The terms of the new measure.