Tianhou Weifeng fastest sale in mid-July

The vacant tax has been killed. Earlier, the market expects the developer to speed up the push and increase the market supply. Many developers seem to have taken action and the new market is poised for growth.

Henderson Land (012) yesterday launched the naming ceremony of the new disk of Jupiter Street in Tianhou, which is called Weiweihui. The sisters of Tongweiwei are expected to be sold shortly. Han Jiahui, general manager of Henderson Business (II), said that the new disk will provide 216 gangs, with one room, accounting for nearly 80%, while others are open-plan. The new book is already in print. It is expected that the book will be uploaded next week and will be offered as soon as possible in mid-July. The project is now nearing completion and the key date is August 31, 2020. The two demonstration units located in the International Finance Centre will be completed within the month.

Hengdi’s Leofang Xiaolan Xiaoqing successfully sold the last unit, with a transaction price of 18.452 million yuan, a unitable area of ​​540 square feet, and a price of 34171, which is expected to hit a new high.

Percy and Yi Yi are ready to go

In another case, Far East Development (035)’s Tai Wai Percy also uploaded the building’s book without interruption. It was opened in the short-term demonstration unit in Wong Tai Sin. Percy provides 118 units, of which 116 are 1 unit, with a usable area of ​​201 to 404 square meters. The key date is March 29, 2019.

TeleVision cooperates with cable TV of the same company to provide 3 discounts for prospective buyers and buyers. Zhang Zhicheng, senior vice president of cable TV charging services, said that cable TV will offer three offers to Percy buyers, including the “i-CABLE mobile version 30-day free pass" to prospective buyers who have entered the ticket, to the purchaser The buyer will present a 6-month “Cable TV HD Dynamic Combination" and purchase a 6-month “Wired Broadband Fiber Access Network" at a preferential price of $300.