Xiaomi Chuan Fund is now trading through the bottom of the market 25,000 first-hand party is distributed the largest amount of 9.7%

The new shares Xiaomi Group (01810) will be listed on the next Monday (9th). According to market news, 100% of the subscription rate, that is, more than 25,000 “one-handed parties" can be distributed; another 15,000 people are even more distributed. Both hands, in other words, just need to subscribe for 9 hands to stabilize the bag. As for the large group of Group B, there is no “head-to-head", the largest subscription is 10 million shares, and the investment is over 220 million yuan, and it is allocated 972,000 shares, or 4,860 lots, with a success rate of 9.7%.

5% lower than the price of 17 yuan

Market sources pointed out that some institutional investors had conducted a dark trading yesterday, which was sold at 16.15 yuan per share, which was 5% lower than the market price of 17 yuan, and involved 28 million US dollars (about 218 million Hong Kong dollars).

On the other hand, there will be two new shares listed today, including Hong Kong’s second largest marble and granite contractor, Shishi Holdings (01592), and GEM listed contractor, Kee Kee Holdings (08305).

Two new stocks were individually developed yesterday. According to Yao Cai and Hui Li, the cornerstone fell below the offer price, with a minimum closing price of 0.36 yuan, down 10% or 0.04 yuan from the offer price, excluding handling fees, 5000 shares per lot. The eclipse of 200 yuan; the performance of the holdings of the holdings of the market is good, closing at 0.325 yuan to 0.33 yuan, up 10% or 0.03 yuan more than the offer price, excluding handling fees, earning 300 yuan per 10,000 shares.

Qiqi Technology (01739), which was delayed in the market earlier, announced yesterday that after consulting the joint account book administrator and considering the current market conditions, it decided to reduce the price of the offer price to 4.85 yuan, far lower than the original offer price range of 6.8 yuan to 9 Yuan, and increased the supplementary prospectus, from yesterday to Friday (6th) again accept the application for the offer. Therefore, the company will be listed on the original Thursday (5th) listing until next Thursday (12th).

Qi Qiyan will be listed next Thursday.

Due to the semi-annual factors, many new shares have been submitted for listing at the end of last month, and their initial prospectus documents were uploaded recently. Among them, a total of 16 new shares were uploaded to their initial prospectus documents, including the Internet education platform Hujiang Education, as well as Wanbao Online (01339), Lenovo (00992) and Coolpad (02369) with investment, and Two biotech companies AOBiome Therapeutics and Stealth BioTherapeutics.

As of the end of last year, Hujiang Education Technology ranked first among all active educational technology companies in the Mainland, with a cumulative number of users of approximately 170 million. The company recorded a loss of 537 million yuan last year (RMB. The same below), with a loss of 422 million yuan in 2016; the revenue reached 555 million yuan, up 63.41% year-on-year.

Wanka Online’s revenue is mainly from providing mobile advertising services to different industries. As of the end of last year, the adjusted net profit was 7.454 million yuan, and the loss in 2016 was 29.777 million yuan.