Huang Weilun: Jiudonggong private housing maintains six or four ratio

The Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, announced a series of new housing policies last week, including the allocation of nine sites originally planned for private housing development to public housing development. Six of them are located at the Anderson Road Quarry in Kwun Tong. The Secretary for Development, Mr Wong Wai-lun, said that although the proportion of public housing in Anderson Road has increased, I hope that the community will not have to worry that the district will become the next Tin Shui Wai.

Of the land for the development of public housing from private land, three are located at the apron on the north side of the Kowloon East Kai Tak Old Airport and six at the Anderson Road Quarry. A total of 10 600 units will be provided from the 2018 to 2019 financial year. Conducted in batches in 4 years.

Among them, the land of the Anderson Road Quarry, except for one private residential site which was sold in January this year, and a residential site which has been reserved for the “Hong Kong People First Home Pilot Scheme", the remaining land All of them are included in the development of public housing. In the future, the proportion of public housing in the district will reach 90%.

Anderson Road may not be like Tin Shui Wai

Worried about whether this will make the public housing of the Anderson Road Quarry too large and affect the overall planning and community facilities. Wong Wai-lun said, “How many public housing units can be sold, how many rents are made, and the secondary transport and housing bureaus conduct further studies. There may not be a so-called “natural water situation". As regards the overall public-private housing ratio, he said that it should be viewed in one district. “There will be a narrowing of the public." Kowloon East is still 60% public housing and 40% private. It has not changed much.

The market is concerned that the Government will change the nine private residential sites into public housing sites. Will it push up property prices? Huang Weilun believes that short-term property prices are mainly affected by factors such as interest rates, capital flows and housing supply, of which about 9.6 in the next three to four years. The completion of the Wanjiao is a high level, which may affect property prices, and the relationship between land use and property prices is not too direct.

Huang Weilun pointed out that the nine plots of land will be allocated to public housing in phases. The impact will be shared in several years and will be delayed. It is believed that the impact on property prices is limited.