Bai Weishan raised the price and pushed 45 people. The price was 34,700.

The property market is hot, and developers are pushing up the price of goods. The New World (00017) led the development of the North Point Parkville Mountain in less than one month. The current price of more than 10 billion yuan, yesterday pushed a new 45 price list, the average price The price was 34,766 yuan, a 13.8% increase from the previous batch. The whole unit was released this Saturday (7th).

Bai Weishan added a new batch of 45 people, with a practical area of ​​605 to 1537 square meters. The discounted price was 17.24 million to 64.468 million yuan. The average price was 34,766 yuan, a sharp increase of 13.8% from the previous price list. Among them, the three-seat, 31-story, room A, with a saleable area of ​​1,537 square feet, has a discounted price of 41,944 yuan. The three-storey 30-story A room has been sold at a price of 36,474 yuan, an increase of 15%. The developer also issued a sales arrangement, which pushed all 45 people to sell on Saturday.

Xindi (00016) Yuen Long Grand YOHO Phase II was closed at the end of last month. The developer yesterday sold 6 of them and cashed in more than 140 million yuan, including 3 rooms on the 43rd floor, Room E, 1115 square meters and 4 rooms. The set of units, sold for 241.598 million yuan, the price of 21,668 yuan, the amount and the price of the two hit a new high; the other five groups of trading price of 23.241 million to 2,537,700 yuan, the price of more than 20,000 yuan. In the same district, PARK YOHO Genova also reissued the price list yesterday, slightly raising the price of 5 groups by 0.5%, and selling 7 groups on Saturday.