Short-term tender for special households in Sai Gung Yat Estate

Short-term tender for special households in Sai Gung Yat Estate

The first-hand market has become more prosperous, and the developers have launched special units to the market. In the short-term, the Yigong Park in Sai Kung will launch a special tender for the households and have the opportunity to challenge the new high price of the project.

Mr. Tian Zhaoyuan, the joint director of Sino Land (00083), said that Yi Yi Yuan has sold 271 battalions, accounting for approximately 91% of the total number of units and more than $3 billion. The remaining 26 teams of the project are for sale, of which standard households and featured units each account for half.

Kaihui executives sale 22378

The project opened a special unit of Room C on the 8th floor of the 8th floor yesterday. It is a 4 bedroom and 2 suite with an area of ​​1,565 square feet and even 1,354 square feet. Tian said that the unit will open an appointment to visit this weekend. In the short term, the response will be launched in the form of a tender, and it is confident that it will create a new high price.

The same department of Kwun Tong Kaihui recorded a number of transactions yesterday, and a group of buyers spent about 57 million yuan to buy 3 groups. The project has sold about 1,230 people so far. Two days of Baijingjiao Hairiwan under Yijing City contributed 16 transactions, with a cash flow of 130 million yuan and a transaction price of 13,788 to 18,469 yuan.

In addition, the new market recorded nearly 50 transactions yesterday, of which 16 were in Yau Tong Bay, Yau Tong. Xinshidi’s Baishijiao Yunhui announced the results of 24 rounds of tenders yesterday, with a transaction price of 5.97 million to 20.52 million yuan (excluding the rebate amount), and the price ranged from 13,450 to 24,117 yuan.

According to the Land Registry, the second floor of Room 2, Ho Man Tin Tin Tin, was opened in February for about $74.64 million. The new buyer was Chen Jialu, the same name as the former executive director of Xindi (00016) Chen Juyuan.