The shore of the “additional food” 68 groups, the price of 21,000 rose 4.3%

The shore of the “additional food” 68 groups, the price of 21,000 rose 4.3%

Henderson Land (00012) This year’s first artillery project, Hung Hom, started to collect votes in the past few days. A total of 68 new quotations were added yesterday. The average price was 21,193 yuan, up 4.3% from the previous price list. The company also issued a sales arrangement, pushing a total of 246 pairs of 3 price lists for the first round of sales on Saturday (9th). In addition, the Luhua family’s Sham Shui Po AVA 228 yesterday also pushed 16 groups of the same day and Kai’an face confrontation, the average price of 21,680 yuan.

Kaian added the latest batch of 68 people, with a practical area of ​​266 to 272 square meters, all of which are 1 bedroom households. The average price of the discount is 21,193 yuan, which is 4.3% higher than the previous price list. The increase is more aggressive than the previous batch. .

The first round of a total of 246 units on Saturday

Lin Damin, general manager of Henderson Property Agency Business (1), said that the project added a third price list, which was about 2% higher than the previous batch, and launched a total of 246 sets of three price lists for the first round of sales on Saturday. Group picking buildings, Group A big group should buy at least 2 groups, no more than 4 groups; Group B buyers can buy 1 to 2 groups; the project will be closed at noon on Friday (8th). Located at No. 63 Matouwei Road, the shore provides 551 groups with a usable area of ​​170 to 425 square meters. It is expected to enter the end of March 2021.

Another single mini-dish Sham Shui Po AVA 228 issued 5 sets of price orders last week. Since the number of units was less than 10% suspected of violating the “First-hand Residential Property Sales Ordinance”, a new 16-member price list was issued yesterday, including 5 even rooftops. The average price of the special households was 21,680 yuan, which was 9% higher than the price issued at the end of February and was scheduled for sale on Saturday. The AVA 228, located at 228 Da Nan Street, offers 160 gangs with a usable area of ​​129 to 249 square meters and is occupied at the end of December 2021.

In addition, SHKP (00016) intends to provide a large number of rebates in the first phase of Tai Po Baishijiao Yunhui for sale in disguised form. At that time, 24 bidding units will be drawn out again, and nearly 290 million yuan will be cashed in a single day. . In the same district, Haijing Bay, which was developed by Yijing, Pan Zhicai, director of development and planning project and sales of Yijing, said that 16 cases were sold in two days, and the current price was 130 million yuan. The transaction price was 13788 to 18469 yuan.

On the other hand, Chen Juyuan, the former executive director of Xindi, and his family purchased the Hetiantian Tianzhu unit in a recent month. According to the Land Registry, the Tianzhu 2, 2 high-rise Room B, which was sold last month for 74.369 million yuan, was purchased. Chen Carrie is Chen Juyuan’s daughter. The neighboring unit was purchased by Chen Juyuan’s wife He Huixian at the end of January for 81.825 million yuan. Together with Chen Juyuan, he purchased Tianzhu Phase 1 and 6 in January this year for 1.02918 billion yuan. In the high-rise room A, Chen Juyuan and his family spent more than 259 million yuan to purchase 3 units of Tianzhu in less than one month.