buyers throw more than 500,000 to win love 4 groups of customers to buy the purchase price

buyers throw more than 500,000 to win love 4 groups of customers to buy the purchase price

The property market was once again hot, and the market was in full swing. In Tsing Yi, there was a unit in Tsing Yi Wan that attracted up to four groups of customers to purchase at the price within two days. In the end, one group of customers actually took the initiative to add 500,000 yuan to 15.5 million yuan. After winning the unit, the situation was first seen after falling in August last year. In the Discovery Park in Tsuen Wan, there are three groups of low-rise households who have negotiated with the purchase of $33.38 million. It is also rare for the lower-level units to exceed the top floor. The agent said that many owners are now “fearing to sell flat". If the prospective buyers lack sincerity, it is often difficult to impress the owners.

Three-bedroom households with a sea view of 15.5 million

The atmosphere of the property market gradually returned to the peak, and the epilepsy of the building has been re-emerged. According to the news, there are 5 high-rise rooms B in Leijingwan, with a practical area of ​​849 square meters, 3 rooms separated by sea views. The original owner purchased 9 million yuan in March 2016. The additional stamp duty (SSD) for the three-year deadline will be December last year. Before the expiration, it was put on sale at 15 million yuan. However, the market conditions were weak and it was not possible to sell out. In the past, the market conditions improved. In the next two days, four groups of customers were invited to make purchases. “At that time, everyone was loyal to 15 million, and the owners were very eager." . One of the prospective buyers saw the situation, worried that the unit was robbed, and did not hesitate to add 500,000 yuan on the spot, and offered to pay the deposit on the same day. The original owner was impressed by his sincerity. The unit was reserved for the buyer. The two parties signed the transaction document on Monday (4th) for 15.5 million yuan, and the price was 18,257 yuan. The original business hosted the goods for about 3 years, and the book value was increased by 6.5 million yuan (about 72.2%).

According to BOC Hong Kong (02388) and HSBC’s online valuation system, the number of units that have been bought by buyers by “plus yards" is estimated at only 14.38 million and 15.47 million yuan, meaning that buyers will be bidders after they have been overweight. The estimate is up to 1.12 million yuan (about 7.8%).

Liang Wenfeng, senior business manager of Midland Realty, said that the property market atmosphere has been shaken off. For example, the number of weekend buildings in Tsing Yi District is as follows. “There are no 10 units in each of the mainstream housing estates." Therefore, there is a situation in which the price of the heroes is reversed. The general price increase is about 5% to 10%. Individuals even choose to close the market after the counter price. For example, Cuiyi Garden 5 high-rise C room, the practical area of ​​365 square feet, the original price of 5.8 million yuan, the owner and the post-reverse price of 200,000 yuan, even if the buyer to the price of 6 million yuan, the final decision to seal, “the most The main reason is that I am afraid of selling flats."

Discovery New Town 9.3 million  Low-rise over the top

Even the “97th floor crab" Discovery Park has a phenomenon of grabbing. Liang Zhongwei, the chief joint regional manager of Midland Realty, said that nine low-rise A rooms, with a usable area of ​​652 square feet and three rooms separated, were sold for $9.5 million in January this year. As far as they know, there are at least three groups of customers bidding in the past week. In order to negotiate, one of the foreign customers was able to win the prize of 9.338 million yuan because of “sufficient shots, only one or two nights". The price was 14322 yuan.

In January of this year, the E-room of the 8th floor of the estate was connected with the 498 square roof of the 3 bedroom unit. The practical area was 645 square meters. The transaction price was 9.3 million yuan, reflecting the fact that the low-level units in the transaction were over-the-top. The original owner invested 6.637 million yuan in the market in 1998, earning 2.701 million yuan (about 40.7%).

The property auction response was also very active. The Central Asia auction launched 20 property auctions yesterday, attracting more than 80 people to attend, and 6 of them were on the spot, which was the best result of the bank this year. The first floor of No. 6A, Taiping Road, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon, with a floor area of ​​nearly 64 years, has a usable area of ​​1302 square meters. The price is 11 million yuan. It is sold at 17.2 million yuan. It is 56.3% higher than the price, and the price is 13210 yuan. In December, with an area of ​​11.9 million yuan, the transaction price surged by about 44.5%; the general manager and auctioneer of the Central Asia, Zeng Jiejun, estimated that investors were interested in buying units waiting to be acquired.