Last month, 3 new orders for pre-sales involving 1584 people

Last month, 3 new orders for pre-sales involving 1584 people

The developer has speeded up the launch. Last month, three new applications were applied for pre-sale of uncompleted flats, involving 1,584 people. The supply of new buildings to be approved for maintenance was maintained at about 11,000, which was a stable level of more than 10,000 people for 15 consecutive months. Many new orders are deployed in the short term for sale.

Hengda Tuen Mun Project Lots of 1982

According to the announcement of the Lands Department, there were three new applications for pre-sale consents in February. A total of 1,584 were provided. Although it was 30% less than the 2,264 in January, it remained at a high level.

During the period, Evergrande (03333) Phase 1 and 2 of the No. 8 Guan Cui Road, Tuen Mun, Tuen Mun (a total of 1,982) were approved for sale. As a result, there are currently 22 new batches to be approved, a total of 10,753, a slight decrease of 398 compared with 11,151 in January, a decrease of 3.5% per month. However, the supply of new buildings to be approved remains for 15 consecutive months. The level of more than 10,000 people shows that the supply in the future will continue.

Among the projects for pre-sale of pre-sales last month, the largest project was the Yeung Uk Yeung Uk Road project in Yiwan, involving 840 people, accounting for half of the number of flats applying for pre-sales in the month. It is also the love of the China Sea in 2017. After the beauty of the show, a large new disk was launched again in the district. The developer revealed that it plans to sell in the second to third quarters.

Xindi Wetland Park Road Plate or the last quarter push

In fact, there have been a number of new disk deployments this month, including Cheung Kong (01113) and the URA’s Cheung Sha Wan Ai Hai Estate. I believe that there will be new battles in the future.

For another large-scale new site (00016) Tin Shui Wai Area 112 and Area 115, the developer has applied for the sale of floor papers for the first phase of Area 115 (now Wetland Park Road No. 9), involving 710 groups. The wetland park road No. 9 provides about 1,777 people in total, and the adjacent 112th district project is larger and involves more than 2,000 people, all of which are mainly small and medium-sized units.

As the two sites in Tin Shui Wai were approved in the middle of 2014, with the application for sale of the first phase of the 115th District Project, the remaining batches will be ready for launch. Lei Yi, deputy managing director of Xindi Group, revealed that the first phase of No. 9 Wetland Park Road has the opportunity to be sold in the fourth quarter.

Another small-scale project, No. 133, Kangjian Road, Saigon, was also applied for sales of papers last month (00083), involving 34 people.