One-hand pushes the competition, the supply of heavy goods, the price reduction

One-hand pushes the competition, the supply of heavy goods, the price reduction

Although the proportion of private flats in the long-term scheme has decreased, the supply of new flats is still abundant in the short term. The cumulative number of uncompleted uncompleted flats is maintained at over 10,000. In particular, the supply of Tuen Mun and Tai Po Districts will be slower. It will be the first to show the developer’s price reduction.

According to the statistics of this newspaper earlier, there are 70 new discs in the first-hand market that are expected to be launched this year. A total of nearly 30,000 people will be involved. Among them, there are 2,500 new discs launched this month, which have not yet included the newly approved building. Paper Evergrande (03333), No. 8 Guan Cui Road, Tuen Mun (1,982).

In the coming months, the supply has not been reduced. The developers are still actively applying for pre-sale of uncompleted flats. The total number of uncompleted flats to be approved is maintained at over 10,000.

The speed of the goods is slowed down.

Supply-oriented property prices, in the recent supply areas, developers have been more conservative pricing, such as this year’s supply of the town of Tai Po Baishijiao, recently Xindi (00016) change the sale of Yunhui, in the form of tenders to reduce The price, even the return of the practical price of the minimum price of 115,000 yuan.

Tuen Mun District is also a major town for supply this year. In addition to the above-mentioned Hengda Guancui Road Project, there are Hong Kong Ferry (00050) and Imperial Group’s Castle Peak Bay project, which also has a scale of 1,630, together with other new districts in the same district, 6 The project provides more than 5,000 people and believes that the competition between developers will increase.

In fact, the recent market conditions have been driven by the improvement of the external environment. The atmosphere of the property market has improved. However, in areas with more supply, the speed of new shipments is still slow. I believe that developers are not too aggressive to offer, and they have the opportunity to post second-hand even Low market price pushes, set off a new wave of price cuts.