The property market has been adjusted by 10%

Lv Zhihe: The property market has been adjusted by 10%.

the property price has bottomed out. The Hong Kong Building has been adjusted over 10% in the past and has now stabilized slightly. He also pointed out that Hong Kong has a lot of land but it cannot be used for various reasons. It is hoped that all stakeholders will assist the government in finding land and that the supply prices of multi-units are naturally stable.

He believes that the standard of living of the people is no longer sufficient to cover property prices. The Government has adjusted the proportion of public and private housing to “seventy-three ratios”, reflecting the Government’s concern about housing housing. In addition, he stressed that the Group is only a medium-sized developer with little land reserve. It will decide on the pace of the market depending on market conditions. It will not increase the price but will not sell the flat at a reduced price.

Group sells no increase or price reduction

In terms of overseas business, Lv Zhihe pointed out that the Group’s territory in the United States has gradually expanded. There are currently 15 four-star and five-star hotels in the area. One of the Group’s hotels in New York has just opened, and the rest are located in San Francisco, Washington, and Seattle. Hotel projects will also be completed in succession, injecting new impetus into the group. At the same time, the group also cooperates with Moroccan and Japanese companies.